Listen to the Chilling New I Got 5 on It Remix from Jordan Peele’s Us

The soundtrack to Jordan Peele has arrived. Peele is gearing up to relaunch his directorial success next weekend, Get Out after his notable debut at SXSW. Now, to help fuel the hype, the film's soundtrack has been published online, including Luniz's scary remix of I Got 5 on It featured in the trailer.

We contains a score of the composer Michael Abels, who also worked with Jordan Peele on Get Out . The work of Abels constitutes the vast majority of the 35 tracks of the soundtrack. However, there are a few drops of needles to hope for. The soundtrack includes such pieces as I Like That by Janelle Monae and by Minnie Riperton as well as the original version of I Got 5 on by Luniz.

To help promote the release of the soundtrack, the label released the remix of the same song online, which garnered a lot of attention after being featured in the film's first trailer. Not only was it a welcome retreat for many people, but the haunting remix, nicknamed the "captive mix," really helped set the tone for Jordan Peele's latest horror offering. Even alone, without any disturbing images that accompany it, it is always scary.

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Things S & # 39; Announce very well for Us up to now. The critics who viewed the film were extremely nice with this movie, which currently displays a 100% spotless approval rate on rotten tomatoes. I was on the ground at SXSW last week and I can confirm that the request for participation in the first screening was feverish and that the buzz of everyone leaving the theater was palpable. Jordan Peele should be another big hit.

The cast includes Lupita Nyong & # 39; O, Winston Duke, Joseph Shahadi Wright, Alex Evan, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Cali Sheldon and Noelle Sheldon. Early box office monitoring also looks good, as this "new nightmare" should beat the opening weekend of Get Out . If the public reacts as well as the critics have done so far, it could be long and make a lot of money in the coming weeks. We should be released in theaters on March 22nd. Make sure to watch the remix I Got 5 on It from the YouTube Back Lot Music channel below, as



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