Loss of Star Wars & Marvel Expected to Damage Netflix Subscriber Growth

The current war is about to get very ugly, as Disney prepares to start a business in this department, which could seriously harm Netflix in the process. For some time, Disney has released some of its biggest titles, such as Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, on Netflix shortly after their release on Blu-ray. However, with the launch of the Disney + streaming service in November, this deal will be completed soon and it looks like this could cause damage to the Netflix subscriber base.

According to a new survey, 22% of Americans said they would cancel their subscription to Netflix if Marvel films such as Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy , flight. 2 were no longer available on the service. Similarly, 20% said they would cancel if the currently available Star Wars movies were removed. This number increases to 35% with Marvel and 26% with Star Wars in the 18 to 29 age group. Moreover, 14% of respondents said they would bail out if Bureau was removed from Netflix, while 11% would leave if Friends left.

The problem for Netflix seems to be that it's not a question of if, but when. It is unclear exactly when Disney movies are going to be removed from Netflix, but it will surely not be too long after the Disney + launch in November, if they can help it. With respect to The Office and Friends they are both ultimately controlled by NBC and regularly appear among the most watched shows on Netflix. Comcast, NBC's parent company, will also launch its own streaming service and the hope, according to Linda Yaccarino, sales manager at NBCUniversal, is that these programs will end up living exclusively at their service.

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For example, Netflix has already signed an agreement that would be around $ 80 million to ensure that Friends would not be taken out of service at least until 2020. For Netflix, these losses would be enormous . They currently have a length ahead of the competition since they have 149 million subscribers worldwide. However, with Netflix, NBC, Apple, Facebook and many more entering the arena of streaming, everyone will do their best to keep high quality content for their own interests. This means that Netflix will have a much harder time granting licenses for such programs and movies in the future.

We have also just learned that Disney now controls Hulu completely, thanks to a new contract with Comcast. , in addition to Disney +, which will cost only $ 6.99 per month, which is much cheaper than Netflix, whose standard package now sells for $ 12.99. Netflix, for its part, has been heavily focused on original content in recent years, investing billions of dollars in prestigious film and television projects. Will these originals keep them ahead of Disney in the long run? It will be fascinating to see all this happen. The Hollywood Reporter has already reported this news.


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