Love and Thunder Script Isn’t Finished, Director Debunks Recent Reports

The Story of the Script Thor: Love and Thunder seems to have been greatly exaggerated. It was recently reported that director Taika Waititi had already completed the script for his next MCU adventure. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case, as the filmmaker appealed to Twitter to demystify this news. On the contrary, it seems that Waititi still has a lot of work to do on this front.

Just to give you an overview. It was recently revealed that Taika Waititi had embarked on another project in the form of Next Goal Wins a film about football that he intended to shoot before Thor: Love and Thunder . In an article about his smaller-scale foray into the world of sport, a small detail revealed that the Thor 4 script was already locked. Waititi has viewed one of these reports on Twitter and decided to personally intervene on it. Here's what he had to say about it.

"Oh, it's cool! I keep surprising myself! (The title page is over)."

And that's it. This raises one or two interesting questions. It is said that Taika Waititi is filming The next goal wins before the end of the year. He also has the potential candidate for the awards season Jojo Rabbit to be released in October. He will have to tour the press on this as well. In fact, he's a busy guy and he's going to have to take the time to write the script for the Thunder God's next release in the MCU. This is not necessarily a source of worry, it's just an indication of the attendance of Waititi since Thor's success: Ragnarok in 2017

Although the script was not written, we know that the film will see Natalie Portman, Jane Foster, takes the place of Thor. This will be inspired by Jason Aaron's The Mighty Thor in the pages of Marvel Comics, which has become a fan favorite. Chris Hemsworth will be back as Thor and Tessa Thompson return as Valkyrie. This time, Valkyrie will be looking for a queen to help her rule Asgard, thus making Valkyrie the first major LGBTQ character in the MCU so far.

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Thor: Ragnarok proved to be an extremely successful reinvention of the franchise. The comic and large-scale release of previous entries has been a huge hit with critics and fans on their way to a record $ 853 million worldwide box office. As such, Disney and Marvel were eager to bring back Taika Waititi for the next entry. Filming should begin next year. We will keep you posted as new updates on the project are released. Thor: Love and Thunder due to be released on November 5, 2021. Be sure to check out the original message from the Taika Waitit Twitter account below.

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