Lucasfilm Story Group Doesn’t Even Know the Star Wars 9 Title Yet

The Lucasfilm Story Group Does Not Have the Official Title of Star Wars 9 again. This week has been a series of ups and downs for many hardcore fans Star Wars who were expecting, at the very least, that the title of the next movie will disappear after a few teasing. However, this has not been the case and some of these fans are speaking to people who work for Lucasfilm to find out if they even know what the title is.

Pablo Hidalgo, a member of Lucasfilm's History group, admits that "If he has a title, I do not know", in reference to a fan who asked him questions about Star Wars 9 This should not be too surprising Lucasfilm, like Marvel Studios, knows how to keep things secret, so it makes sense that the title is not available to everyone involved in the details necessary for the making of the film Just as the title Avengers: Endgame recently revealed, the actors of Star Wars 9 probably do not even know it Scarlett Johansson apparently did not know the title or the first trailer of Endgame.

Mark Hamill continues to hunt down Star Wars fans about the unveiling of the title and Anthony Daniels, the actor's C-3PO Enigmatic things about the m Social dias all week, which really made some hardcore fans pretty impatient. All this, combined with the fact that production should end on Star Wars 9 soon, is starting to get a bit too overwhelming for some. The fact that The Last Jedi was unveiled at the end of January 2017 was highlighted, which allowed some fans to benefit from a title. (19459007)

The actor Anthony Daniels of C-3PO wrapped up in Star Wars 9

Among all the emotions around the title Star Wars 9 began to spread, and earlier this week it was called the Balance of the Force, which is obviously the name of a digital pinball game, so it went very quickly to the window Rise of the Resistance was the second to gain momentum for a short time, which even deceived our good friend Ethan Van Sciver, who recognized his mistake very quickly. of the new carousel that will be showcased in the Galaxy & # 39; s Edge area of ​​Disneyland and Disney World theme parks.

There is a lot happening in the Star Wars . for the moment, so it's a little surprising that nothing on Star Wars 9 did not really sink. Production is starting to slow down and we have not been treated with a lot of recorded setbacks, which means that Lucasfilm has taken extra precautions during filming. We still have a long time before the film comes out in theaters, so hopefully the title will be revealed at least in the coming weeks, or even in the next few days. For the moment, the guessing game continues. This information was provided to us from Pablo Hidalgo's Twitter account.


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