‘Luke Sky Walker’ Arrested, Mark Hamill Responds

The actor Mark Wars commented on the arrest of a man named Luke Sky Walker. Walker was arrested in 2017 when he and his friends were caught driving a gilded Honda Civic with more than 40 stolen street signs in Carter County, Tennessee. Apparently, there is not much to do in Carter County and stealing road signs is a crime that Walker has learned at his expense. Walker found his way back to the press and prison last week after violating his probation.

Mark Hamill is not worried about the stolen street signs or the reason why Luke Sky Walker was arrested again. Instead, the actor from Star Wars says, "The real crime here is Mr. and Mrs. Walker, who saddle that poor guy with that name in the first place." Hamill, who plays iconic Luke Skywalker, then commented on Walker's height in his photo ID, using the hashtag: "As short as possible for a Stormtrooper." Fans immediately took notice of the story and alerted Hamill, an active user of social media.

The breach of Luke Sky Walker's probation has not been disclosed, but it must be serious enough since he is being detained without connection, according to court records online. Let's just hope it does not have to do with the theft of street signs. When he and his friends were arrested in 2017, they were very easy to spot at the wheel of the golden Honda Civic. Walker and his friends were originally detained with a $ 4,000 bail that they posted and were released after 24 hours. However, at the time of writing, Walker was still in a Carter County jail.

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Mark Hamill is pretty much a social media master and does not take himself very seriously online, which is refreshing. The Star Wars actor constantly interacts with fans to provide them with wacky information and also provides a pretty interesting version of Donald Trump's administration, while being careful to not divulge any important information Star Wars 9 That being said, Hamill must have trouble understanding that some parents named their son Luke Sky Walker, 21 years ago, as a tribute to the iconic Jedi.

No court date in court for Luke Sky Walker has been revealed at this time, so it feels like spending quality time behind bars, no matter what he did to violate his probation. I hope that Walker will learn his lesson and stay away from the justice system after his last arrest, which will prevent him from appearing in stories like this. Mark Hamill is on track to explain why parents would give a child the full name of Luke Sky Walker. You can read the funny reaction about the arrest of Luke Sky Walker below, thanks to the Twitter account of Mark Hamill.


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