M. Night Shyamalan’s First Post-Glass Movie Will Be Fun Sci-Fi

Mr. Night Shyamalan is already working on his follow up for this year's Glass and fans are waiting with I can not wait to see exactly what it is. The director teased his new project on social media earlier this week. "Describing the new movie … has a bit of science fiction fun, I feel so good about starting a new story," said Shyamalan. The director recently shocked the fans by returning to the world of Unbreakable with 2016 Split and the Glass .

Regarding this movie, Fun Sci -Fi movie on which Mr. Night Shyamalan works, which is really a mystery for the moment. His last two films have plunged into the field of psychology and he seems ready to return to science fiction elements, which should be exciting for his long-time fans. Shyamalan incorporated elements of science fiction into Signs and After Earth but the two films sparked very different reactions from fans and critics on their release dates. respectively. Whatever the case may be, the director is at the very beginning of the development of his current untitled film.

While Glass was doing well at the box office, fans and longtime critics had almost ripped it to pieces. While Mr. Night Shyamalan has had a pretty discordant career over the years, critics of Glass have really drawn him this time. At a recent conference, the director revealed that he was in England when he began to hear about the first reactions to the film and admitted to having cried. Shyamalan said at the time that they had just watched the film in front of an enthusiastic audience and that they were not prepared for the negative reaction.

Although Glass was not a critical success, he was very successful at the box office. After the Unsophisticated Answers to The Happening The Last Airbender and After Earth Shyamalan began self-financing his films. Glass cost him only $ 20 million to produce and brought in more than $ 246.9 million worldwide. Even though the director had shed tears, he later laughed until the bank. It is also safe to say that Shyamalan will also be financing its new untitled project. He can certainly afford to take it off, following recent trends.

Mr. Night Shyamalan creates films that divide and he has always done so. Some have been better than others, but the director / writer is sticking to his guns and doing exactly the kind of movies he wants to do without interference in the studios. He puts the money and does what he wants, which is admirable and what many other directors would like to achieve. That said, there is still a huge fan base that is eager to see what Shyamalan is preparing to launch in the world. For some, it is enough to mention science fiction to be ready to intervene. You can check out the untitled project update below, thanks to Mr. Night Shyamalan's Twitter account.


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