Mallrats 2 Was Turned Down by Netflix, Hulu & Showtime

Kevin Smith recently revealed that he had launched Mallrats 2 on Netflix, Hulu and Showtime there are two years. However, they all decided to forward the rest. It's been 25 years since Mallrats is in theaters, and Smith's fans have been questioning about a sequel since. While the rest has been passed on, Smith hopes that Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will change their minds and we all hope for the same thing.

One can imagine that Kevin Smith got asked about Mallrats 2 quite often. Earlier this week, a social media fan interviewed the director about it, and Smith responded by informing everyone that he had presented it seriously two years ago and that the message had been transmitted. Smith said that Netflix "does not feel the same as you." The fan suggested that the sequel could even be turned into a series of Netflix, which is not a bad idea at all and an idea that Smith had played a few years ago.

Kevin Smith wanted to create [Smith9]. Mallrats 2 for a long time and even had the idea of ​​calling it for a moment Mallbrats, which was originally intended to be a film, then a television series. The original film was released in 1995 and followed Clerks from 1994, although it takes place before the first film. He earned more than $ 1.2 million during his opening weekend and became one of Smith's most adored films by fans, although he received mixed reviews from critics at the time.

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Although Mallrats 2 no longer occurs, Kevin Smith is currently working on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Smith has been promising this suite for a few years and has finally announced New Year's Day that pre-production has officially begun. Co-star Jason Mewes gave an interview at the end of last year and said that he was expecting the filming to start later in the year, what could still happen. At the time of writing these lines, the project had obtained funds, but we had never heard of the casting process, apart from the fact that Mewes and Smith would be in the sequel with some actors from The CW The Flash . including Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Ramon, who will have cameos.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot could be the ball in the arm that leads others to realize that we need Mallrats 2 . Let's hope that the result is good enough for the next one to be done in the near future. Anyway, Jay and Silent Bob are still coming back on the big screen, which is exciting enough in itself and more than enough to please Smith fans for a while. You can check the update Mallrats 2 below, thanks to Kevin Smith's Twitter account.


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