Marvel Fans Want Tarantino’s Bruce Lee as Shang-Chi

It may be that we have one of the pioneers of the lead role in the lead role of Marvel The Hands of Shang-Chi . The week of film news was long enough, with Bill & Ted 3 finally an official announcement, Us finally in the hall, this weekend and much more. But one of the biggest moments came when Quentin Tarantino's first trailer of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was finally put online. What is perhaps most surprising is that Mike Moh, who will perform the legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee in the film, stole the show from Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino. Now, fans are asking Marvel to hire him to represent their Kung Fu Master.

After the online trailer, Mike Moh consulted Twitter to share his first glimpse, jokingly, "I think I'm in this." Once his long Bruce Lee sequence has attracted the attention of the Internet, many people have turned to Twitter to express their desire to see Moh play the lead role in Shang-Chi which develops quite discreetly behind the scenes of Marvel Studios in the setting of their film beyond Avengers: Endgame . Moh, for one, posted a tweet in response to those calls that were simply using Emoji's joined hands, meaning that he was just as partisan of the idea, or at least flattered.

Mike Moh, beyond the martial arts skills and the ability to fully embody the late Bruce Lee are actually no stranger to the Marvel Universe. He portrayed Triton in ABC Inhumans . However, we would probably just forget that this happened first. Patton Oswalt, who played in the agents of Marvel agents of S.H.I.E.L.D took the bandwagon saying: "Hey Marvel, (cough) Shang Chi (cough)." Moh also replied to this tweet:

"Yoooo! Thanks for the boost, Patton"

Shang-Chi for those who may not be familiar . with the character, is a martial artist who made his debut with Marvel Comics in 1973 in Special Marvel Edition # 15. He finally received his own series and is often called the master of kung fu. Shang-Chi was created by writer Steve Englehart and the legendary artist Jim Starlin. His story is ripe because he is the son of Fu Manchu, who trains him in martial arts. However, it is finally revealed that his father is perverted, resulting in a conflict between them. Drama and others. The character was part of teams such as Heroes for Hire and The Avengers .

About: Marvel's Shang-Chi Film Has a Short Film 12 Director

Destiny Daniel Cretton ( Short-Term 12 ) a was put to use to direct the film, from a screenplay by Dave Callaham ( of Wonder Woman ). The idea is to use Black Panther as a model, who presented a very diverse cast, with a diverse team of directors behind the scenes, propelling him with great success. It's unclear when production might begin, but there is at least one very worthy candidate that the studio should consider when casting. The ball is in your camp, Wonder.


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