Marvel Fans Warned as Spoiler-Filled Avengers: Endgame Footage Leaks Online

Marvel tried to protect us, much like the Avengers attempted to protect the universe of Thanos. It just did not work. Despite all the efforts of the studio, a huge amount of footage from the next Avengers: Endgame has been filtered online and has a lot of damage. We will say at the top that we will not put spoilers in this post. Like everyone else, I want to go blind. That said, consider this warning, Marvel fans; be very cautious in scrolling through social media right now because there are real spoilers for this movie online as we speak.

At present, it is unclear exactly how the leak came online, but, according to several reports, the footage that appeared on sites like Reddit and Twitter is legitimate and some say that 20 minutes of the film were hacked in one way or another. This is particularly disturbing and particular, as Disney and Marvel have kept an incredibly tight lid on things. The journalists who interviewed the actors and filmmakers during the press tour were not even allowed to watch the film. Unfortunately, despite all the precautions taken, the film is available and it is unlikely that Disney can control each time this sequence is broadcast on social networks.

People who viewed the video describe it as "too disappointing". "Gifs, screenshots and detailed descriptions have been circulating a lot on Reddit, but fans should be more cautious when they scroll through Twitter or Facebook, because that information is only available in the news." 39. Even though it was not established who leaked the images, nor how they were leaked, a report indicates that it is probably someone who has had access To the images in the official title: Assuming that this person is found, it is unclear how much she will face.

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The directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo were particularly attentive to preserve the surprise for the fans until the opening night.They even put misleading images in the trailers Avengers: E ndgame to keep things secret. Last year, before the release of Infinity War they wrote a letter asking fans not to post spoilers online until everyone had a chance to Watch the movie. They are very keen to preserve the experience of the fans.

This is going to be a real moment of pop culture and it is absolutely crazy that a large studio is broadcasting it in theaters while preserving almost all of its great secrets. This made us feel even more lame than somebody loose these images online. And why? For what purpose? What could they potentially win? Those who can afford it may want to avoid social media as much as possible or at least put filters on Twitter. And definitely avoid Reddit, because that's where the big spoilers seem to hide. Avengers: Endgame will be released in theaters on April 26. This news had already been reported by CNBC.


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