Marvel Studios Celebrates 10 Years of Heroes & Villains with 2 New Posters

The Marvel Studios have spent a good part of the year 2018 celebrating its 10th anniversary, which culminated in the liberation of Avengers: Infinity War last summer, preceded by Black Panther and followed by Ant-Man and the Wasp . They also published cool posters to mark the occasion. But they are not finished yet. Now, Marvel has unveiled two new posters celebrating 10 years of heroes and villains. And they are beautiful.

The first poster gives us a glimpse of the superheroes the most popular of the MCU, with Captain America and Iron The man at the center of this masterpiece of artistic work. Ant-Man sits on the shoulder of Iron Man, while Tony Stark is flanked by War Machine. Black Panther is perched above them and finds himself surrounded by Falcon, Thor, Hulk, Doctor Strange and Vision. The Guardians of the Galaxy occupy the bottom half of the billboard, with Star-Lord in the middle, Drax on his left, Gamora on his right and Rocket on the top. Baby Groot gets his own place right under the title of the poster. Under the guards is Black Widow, ready to pounce. She is surrounded on one side by Scarlett Witch and White Wolf, and on the other by Nick Fury and Hawkeye.

Quicksilver is missing from the poster, as is Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers will not technically debut on the big screen until 2019, the 11th anniversary of the MCU, so her omission is expected. It also lacks the huge presence of Spider-Man, which may be owned jointly by Sony, but which has become an important part of this cinematic universe during its last half. The better half of Ant-Man, Wasp, is also suspended, alongside Nebula.

On the poster of the wicked, Thanos, the biggest villain of the wicked, occupies the center of the stage. He is surrounded by Ultron and Loki, and Yellow Jacket is sitting on his shoulder. Above him, Ronan the accuser, stuck in the middle of the red skull and Malekith. The Hulk Buster armor occupies the top of the poster. Just below Thanos is Iron Man 2 the wicked Whiplash, who shares a space with The Incredible Hulk of Baddie Abomination. The fake Mandarin Trevor Slattery finds himself in the company of Crossbones and Baron Zemo. The lower part of the poster also includes Kurt Russell's Ego the Living Planet, Hela and Killmonger. Kaecilius and Jeff Goldblum are the master words of the grand master.

The situation of Thanos after the official revelation of the war of the infinite

. Iron Man which began in 2008, has since become very strong. The first three phases will end this summer with Avengers: Endgame . Everything else is well represented on this pair of posters that Marvel commissioned artist John Guydo. These breathtaking leaves capture perfectly the true essence of the MCU and what the first 10 years have brought. These posters were revealed for the first time on the tweets of the MCU.


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