Marvel Wasn’t So Sure About Avengers: Endgame 5-Year Time Jump

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely always knew that the five-year jump was The Avengers: Finale was a bet. When they launched the idea in front of Marvel Studios, we wished them good luck in trying to achieve such an ambitious goal. That said, they have apparently managed to achieve the impossible and make a film that satisfies the studio with millions of fans around the world. Markus and McFeely recently sat down to discuss why they wanted Endgame to take place five years after the events of Infinity War .

In the end, the The Jump in Time was dubbed at the end of the War of the Infinite according to Christopher Markus. Thanos won and he succeeded. He decimated half of the universe and the writers wanted the audience to feel the anguish experienced by the characters. Markus explains.

"It's almost like leaving, we know what you think, we know how you think we can get out of it, and we want to remind you that we were serious the last time ((laughs) and we We're still serious about this, because that's what we really wanted to explore – the long-term effects of a gigantic loss on these heroes. "

Even Marvel Studios was not sure what Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely wanted to do it in the beginning.In the end, they played with the chronology of the entire Marvel film universe, not just Endgame . wanted to do and Marvel Studios trusted them to change everything.Markus had this to say about the launch of the film in the studio.

"It was already controversial, not controversial, but everyone in Marvel was there really? Because you know that this is tera this film, this film, this movie, this movie … "good luck?" "

Another reason behind this five-year jump in Endgame was to give the characters a chance to do something else. Stephen McFeely knows Marvel Comics very well. He therefore opted for a thorough reference, which is pretty cool for fans of comics. McFeely had this to say about why he wanted the film to take place after a time jump.

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"It was a little the way, do you know the comic What If? It was essentially a way of doing What If's So, by jumping 5 years, you get to Si Tony getting married and living happily ever after or what would happen if Hulk basically became the only superhero and was smart What if Cape Town seemed to want to give up? What if Natasha never left the house and was the last woman And if Thor became a kind of drunkard, it was the idea of ​​doing it, but not as if … Keeping the stakes, everything happened, it's all part of the cannon … it's part of its origin. "

All that happened on Endgame and The War of the Infinite is permanent, says Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The writers have changed the MCU forever and the way future movies will be written, adding an extra layer of connectivity for fans who will pass through the next phase of the MCU. You can check out the rest of Markus and McFeely's interview at the Empire Podcast.


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