Michael Jai White Is the Coolest Spy in the Game

We have a new trailer for Undercover Brother 2 which is probably a assortment of words that nobody expected to find themselves reading today. Indeed, Universal Pictures has been very quick in assembling this suite of videoconferencing to its predecessor in 2001 rather discreetly. Although this seems to be a mostly nominative sequel, we have a brand new cast, with Michael Jai White as the new titular hero.

The trailer is certainly brief, recording only 30 seconds, which is normally what we can expect from a TV spot. But it seems like a very small budget, a quiet affair. Although, for those who know the movie of 2002, many of the same elements are at stake here. We have the organization known as The Brotherhood, which is responsible for trying to defeat The Man. Everything is covered with a 70s shine and layers of cheese. The big problem here is that we will be introduced to the brother of Undercover Brother . Black Dynamite fans might be thrilled to see White doing something like that.

The complete cast includes Michael Jai White ( Spawn The Dark Knight ), Gary Owen ( Ride Along Daddy Day Care ), Affion Crockett ( The Ringer Marriage ), Affion Crockett ( The Marriage Stamp ), A Haunted House 2 ), Laila Odom ( Phantom Halo Game Shakers ), Steven Lee Johnson ( of Chicago Fire No Resolution ), Barry Bostwick () The Rocky Horror Picture Show Spy Hard ) and Vince Swann ( In Outempt A Dark Stone Christmas ). Leslie Small is in the director's chair for this one. Small has created other features such as Hair Show and Tara as well as specials such as Kevin Hart, Katt Williams and Gary Owen, among others.

Undercover Brother 2 is centered on the coolest spy of the game, his younger brother less than cool, Lionel. In 2002, the two brothers followed suit with The Man, the leader of a racist global union known as the Organization. However, they found themselves caught in an avalanche of oppressive white snow, preventing them from completing the mission. Sixteen years later, they are discovered, thawed and ready to finish the work started. With the help of The Brotherhood, an old enemy, they face an even more dangerous threat to the black community and the world; extreme "wokeness."

The Original Undercover Brother directed by Malcolm D. Lee ( Girls Trip The Best Man ) , was a very modest success, bringing in $ 41 million at the counter. Eddie Griffin plays the main character with a cast of Chris Kattan, Denise Richards, Dave Chappelle, Billy Dee Williams and Neil Patrick Harris, the release of the films of Blacksploitation of the 70s managed to find a cult following in the years that followed. In the end, enough to justify a suite all these years later. Undercover Brother 2 arrives on DVD and digital HD on November 5 at Universal Pictures Home entertainment. Do not forget to watch the trailer for yourself.

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