Michelle Rodriguez Won’t Return for Fast 9 If It’s Not More Inclusive

A very important member of the family might not be back in Fast & Furious 9. We had the first wind that Michelle Rodriguez might not be gambling back for the next installment of the multi-billion dollar franchise, which she has helped anchor since the beginning, in June 2017. For her, this comes down to how whose female characters are treated. The jury has not been formed yet.

In a recent interview, Michelle Rodriguez was asked if her character, Letty, would come back with Vin Diesel and the gang of the band. next film. Unfortunately, things are not yet firm and it all comes down to the scenario, which she has not read yet. Here's what she had to say about it.

"I do not know if I come back I have to read the script first Once I read the script, I will know the script, and I hope that it 39, is inclusive, then I will agree to come back or not.My energy is totally geared towards women and support for women.I have spent most of my life shooting guns and to hang out with the boys and watch them scratch their balls and smell the farts mixed with proteins, and now I feel the poetry, the beauty and the sensuality of the women, and the power that we gather, so they need to show more I do not know in which direction it will go, but I know I'm going in that direction.We will see if that fits. "

Interestingly, Vin Diesel has recently shared a video. to his instagram signaling that production begins soon. Michelle Rodriguez appears in the video at his side. So, maybe they exchanged points after this interview, but before it was published?

It is hard to say with certainty, but it is hard to imagine that the team of creators can not find a way to make her happy. Chris Morgan, who has long been the main screenwriter of the series, gave the reins to Daniel Casey, a young man. Maybe a new pair of eyes and a new perspective could give Letty and the other women in this series the take that they deserve?

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There is also the issue of the recently announced spin-off led by a woman, Fast and Furious. Without a doubt, Michelle Rodriguez will play an important role in this project. And that seems to be the kind of project she wants to participate anyway, given her most recent comments. We'll have to see how all this sounds, but do not be too surprised if Letty ends up getting the next one. Fast and Furious 9 will be directed by Justin Lin and due out on April 10, 2020. This news has been reported for the first time by Vanity Fair.


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