Milla Jovovich’s Monster Hunter Movie Has Wrapped

The movie Monster Hunter wrapped up the main cliches. Milla Jovovich announced this announcement on social networks and took the time to thank the actors and the team for carrying all their work to give life to the adaptation of the video game. Jovovich has been keeping fans up-to-date on social media since the movie was shot in October, but some are a bit skeptical about the film and its comparison with the sources, as some of its film footage shows.

In her long post on social media, Milla Jovovich admits that her experience in Monster Hunter was "certainly one of the most difficult movies I've ever had realized, which speaks volumes. " The actress added that making the film had been an "unforgettable experience" and that she had met great people while exploring "supernatural" areas. Regarding the challenge of creating Monster Hunter Jovovich reveals that two military consultants from the project were there to "kick him" and keep her inspired to give her character of Captain Artemis the edge of which she needs. .

Now that the main photography is over Monster Hunter director Paul WS Anderson will more than likely pause for the holidays before launching the post-production phase, where much of the heavy load will take place. We're going to see some really big monsters when all of CGI's magic is over, and fans of the original video game series are hoping that the appearance of these monsters will be faithful to the source material. However, Anderson has already started tweaking part of the story, which worries some fans.

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Paul WS Anderson took a few liberties in making films Resident Evil and this choice has not been viewed positively by fans and critics alike. So, when it was revealed that Anderson had added a sci-fi item to the movie Monster Hunter the fans started talking. The game is an imaginary role-playing game that allows players to accumulate assets for better weapons and to fight bigger and more crazy monsters. Anderson took modern soldiers and transported them into the world of Monster Hunter so it will take some time for fans to come back to this adaptation.

It's easy to criticize before the movie happens. been released, but we did not even see a trailer of Monster Hunter at this point. While the Resident Evil franchise was spreading a bit of the source material, she was still able to earn a lot of box office money, so Monster Hunter could end up in the same boat. Regardless of this, Milla Jovovich is clearly excited about the work she has done with the rest of the cast and crew on the film. The hope is that enthusiasm disappears from the fans. You can read the announcement of the production and see some pictures below, thanks to the Instagram account of Milla Jovovich.


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