Momo Challenge Movie Based on Viral Internet Hoax Is Coming

The Internet Momo Challenge Phenomenon may have been only a hoax, but the horrible Momo creature will be fine real in the next horror film Escapade . Directed by Lilton Stewart III, the film will be directly inspired by the terrifying creature known as Momo. Stef Beaton, Alex Brown, Georgia Storm Waite, Rianne Senining and Charlotte Spencer are confirmed. The production will be a collaboration between Emagine Content and November 11th Pictures with SorenFilms Productions and Lady of the Light Productions.

A description of the film was also revealed. He will follow a group of teenage students staying in a secluded cabin in the woods, which is always a good thing to do in a horror movie. One teenager talks to others about the urban legend of Momo, "a strange, bird-like woman's mind that mocks her victims with specific personal details and violent orders via SMS and phone calls". What is supposed to be a joke becomes a lot more deadly when teenagers play the game and start to disappear one by one.

The story of the Hoax Momo Challenge dates back to 2016, when Japanese artist Keisuke Aisawa created a ghost. sculpture to display publicly. With its protruding eyes, beak-shaped mouth, human breasts, bald body and avian feet, this creature is a pure nightmare fuel. Let's move quickly to last year, when news stories about an event called the Momo Challenge began to invade social media. According to widely shared social media publications, it was an online game with a character named Momo who persuaded children to hurt themselves or commit suicide in a violent and painful manner. The monstrous sculpture of Aisawa was used to represent Momo in the messages, which caused a widespread panic online. However, no police department has ever confirmed the existence of a link between actual suicides or incidents involving children injuring or injuring others as a result of Momo Challenge.

Momo is not the only fool on the internet to inspire horror movies. Last year Slender Man was inspired by the character of the same name, creepypasta, created for the first time on the Internet in 2009. He is described as a tall, thin humanoid in a dark-faced suit. stripped, usually described as a sinister figure who hides in the shade and feeds on children. The character was also featured in the 2015 film Still to Watch: A Story of Marble Hornets . Because of the speed with which the Momo hoax has spread over the Internet, the character is now as well known as Slender Man, so it's not surprising to see a movie being made about the creature.

We do not know when we can expect the exit of Getaway . Needless to say, if you had been horrified by the images of Momo flooding your social media last year, this might want to be a movie to avoid. As things stand, Momo's appearance is a nightmare material. As a result, the creature may make an easy transition to horror movies. This information is courtesy of Deadline.


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