Monster Squad Director Is Ready to Return to Directing After 26 Year Break

Fans of retro horror undoubtedly know the work of Fred Dekker. The filmmaker is known for his role in the classic hit of 1987 The Monster Squad an excellent introduction for budding horror lovers. A beloved cult classic for genre lovers, the film focuses on a group of kids working together to stop Universal Monsters from conquering the world. After releasing his third and final film in 1993, however, Dekker almost withdrew from film, working sporadically on screenplays and never realizing again. Now, having co-written The Predator with The Monster Squad the co-author Shane Black, states that he is ready to get rid of slate and start making movies once. again.

"Shane Black and I are in the process of developing a cable television reboot of the 1960s British spy series, The Avengers that I am very passionate about, and an action movie based on the movie old adventure novels Destroyer .I also try hard to find something that would take me back into the director's chair – that's it really my priority for the moment. "

In addition to The Monster Squad Fred Dekker is also the author and director of the movie. Horror of 1986 Night of the Creeps . Composed of Tom Atkins, Jason Lively, Steve Marshall and Jill Whitlow, this cult classic is about zombies attacking a formal dance at a university. Tribute to B-movies, the movie parodies the zombie horror in addition to the alien invasion and classic slasher movies. As in The Monster Squad the film was not a box-office success, but still managed to develop a strong cult in the years that followed.

RoboCop 3 would be Dekker's third and final film as a director. Co-authored by Dekker and comic author Frank Miller, the sequel continues the adventure of the crime fighter while he will avenge the death of his partner. Unfortunately, the film was a box office bomb, earning less than half of what it cost to produce it. The sequel is almost as universally swept, sitting on a meager 3% rotten rotten tomatoes. Since then, Dekker has assumed responsibility for the negative reception of the film and has refrained from making films beyond a few writing concerts over the years. With RoboCop 3 many years in the past, Dekker is now clearly ready to move on and try a new movie.

A particular aspect of Night of the Creeps and . ] The Monster Squad says that the two cult classics managed to avoid the repriming treatment. Do not expect that to change anytime soon, either. Regarding a planned remake of the latter that failed, Dekker said he was "very happy" to see the filmmakers admit their defeat by achieving it. Dekker also notes that some fans consider Slither as an unofficial remake of Night of the Creeps but he has too much respect for the director James Gunn. "Whatever it is, it looks more like a scam of The Fly !" Dekker pointed out.

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As explained by Dekker, he is currently developing an action by Destroyer . film, but we do not know if it will be he who will lead. It seems like he is ready to resume filming, he is waiting for the ideal project to come first. If one thing is certain, Dekker probably wants to make a new cult classic as he did with his first two films, unlike what happened with RoboCop 3 . You can read Dekker's full interview on Retro Injection.


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