Morbius Set Video Shows Jared Leto Take Flight as the Living Vampire

The last video staged by Sony Morbius the living vampire shows Jared Leto in full crazy waterfalls in the air. Production has been going on for a few weeks, and filming videos and images have slowly begun to flow, featuring Leto and some of his comrades. The production takes place in Manchester, England, which is supposed to be the city of New York in the film. While the action scenes are certainly cool, we have not seen Leto in the vampire form yet.

In Morbius' video we see Jared Leto on a harness while wearing an orange jumpsuit. . It's not clear exactly what's going on, but after a moment of suspension, the actor suddenly gets into action, which suggests that he's already in possession of his powers. As for the orange combination, it seems that the character of Leto was incarcerated. There is another video showing Leto standing outside during filming and then disappearing into a bus.

Adria Arjona and Matt Smith were also spotted on the plateau of Morbius . However, none of the footage from the movie is in any of the images that have filtered. Instead, it's a truck that bears the name of Kraven. It is thought to be a cool easter egg in reference to Sony who is currently developing a film of Kraven the Hunter . Morbius might contain more than a wink at Marvel's character, but it's only speculative at the moment. I hope we will get more information on the Kraven project in the near future.

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When it comes to seeing Jared Leto in full mode Morbius This will probably be done in post-production. Producer Avi Arad has promised a radical and different look for the character, which seems rather intriguing. Let's hope that, as the production continues, we get a match or an official image of Leto under the name Morbius the living vampire . Since the film is still running, it will probably take some time to see an official promotion for the next spin-off of Spider-Man . Tom Holland will be back as webslinger this summer in Spider-Man: Far from Home and could show up in . Avengers: Endgame at the end of next month. Sony is about to develop their Marvel properties in a major way.

Sony had a somewhat unexpected success with Venom and they are quick to get the rest of their rotation Spider-Man . -offs in development. Venom 2 and Morbius the living vampire will be released in theaters in the coming months of next year, which could be considered a fairly important bet since the spin-off are not as popular as the Marvel film universe. That said, the risk could be profitable. His hype for Venom 2 is quite high and Morbius looks pretty big too. You can see some pictures of games below, thanks to the Twitter account of Morbius Updates.


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