[Music] enough talk let’s try this again take two off and drop it is week 3 day 2 game 1 there goes the tree 2 1 and high was like this might not immediately it looks like well better for a drag another one even if taking the bet so you’re like a man ah good with clippers now right ah boy alright we’ll talk about this a little bit later behind its production at this fine clip first thank you Borneo dragons actually decided to ban out how to support itself which is interesting because they do get first pick does that mean how you say is not first pick worthy I think they want with clout they won the first week clockface like I said Paul is such a strong here at the moment that you just can’t pass up and when you’re lose like that is the main thing and now let me say everyone they have to bet either crock o’clock and I think they have to Bank drop and spit up very seldom and I can predict that Hayabusa he’ll Kurds leaned across come on prove me right ok pick in that lock in that cloth show that power marksman the power of friendship no this part god yeah ok alright so apparently well Bane is interesting to say the least because there are other picks they’ve got laughs a lot of model table gush it’s also on the table even if they did think lot I was expecting something a little bit more a little bit more of the priority go the medallist immediately Claudia joy that’s a big statement I lost brothers let’s talk about Joel a bit he got popped bought before ya know he’s really increased by 20 percent that means you can mistreat so much further but at 12 you forgot to mention 20 percent each phase so it’s maximal 60% but each each to critical age like each phase of you could know it has different ranges as well so it may be you’ve got a lot more distance to cover I am loving this decomposition coming in from San Diego and it’s a big of a gun also got my oh my god fun fact you don’t know they’re gonna lucky carriers yes Gary are let’s break it up before I go to anything Dora magic damage never really saw it come but I’m a promise they don’t we have a tank right you have that guy ever KY is a bit squishy you can’t want me the front line use that device judgment early and with this decomposition they want to drag it to the late-game me know if you look on the other side saying reborn picking up that Fanny last week what I think about that I definitely think that they want to abuse how weak some of these are some of these heroes aren’t in Lane I mean what scary really going to do if you don’t have kya just constantly on your back to keep you protected and even then it’s still a big risk because there’s no real way to actually deal with having went with the steel cables I’m sue could think of a GUI curried thing is a really strong smoke spell will see into this game game was our birthday party dragons actually will be on the blue side and say every ball will be on the red side predictions really really quickly who anything’s gonna bring our game one I think based on team composition alone it’s gonna go over the same reborn unless Borneo dragons is able to out macro them completely by the way you’re feeling overly excited about this game i love this game guy of claw that I predict that I really like the hero collage i horse run and see it looks like DK just making sure he can just proxy the wave cut them a couple of minion waves because he knows that early on Fanny he wants to bomb the jungle so very standard stuff no invades happening and carry on giving away the I’m actually kind of surprised that they decided to go to they actually decided to proxy the wave and then after that let carry from the temple well instead they could have both gone now both gotta try and proxy in a wave proxy the wave then clear the jungle afterwards but I guess just to maintain maybe atomic but they share the exp quite evenly in comparison to say a report who’s really invested quite a bit quite a bit it’s a Fannie Lou and here we go that is just the strength of Fannie right when you get those news cables out you do a lotta meanwhile Gasol is in his top five adze Theodora well he used his electric arrow it is there the Sun does connect but it looks like they’re not going from take this one contest on to this you know if this crab is just doing so much go harder if you go in total so they don’t lose through the same thing in stereo Oh looks like the retribution does come down and they’re just gonna reset on to this river crab me this river camp crab is going to be high we could test it because these people might be able to hit level 4 especially gato who’s very very close forest evil does come into it and looks like they actually back off the edges the sea level 4 does half the recent reset unlock grab your boots ATZ looks like they want to play your a little bit more support ish so we’ll see how it really go and you can see the range right no just go so much further now might be a hobby it would be the potential fight if they decided to push the waves over but it looks like it’s gonna be ok but so far journey it’s not having a great time I can’t fatty here who’s just consistently you’re pressing her yeah but the main thing that they’re letting weight is caracal all alone against Fanny and it’s really really tough Fanning himself really so strong and he gets so cute with that country with those steel cables whenever you get that officer he looks like ya going on to the turtle but motor dragons will knock it off remember they do have our phones on multiple members bio on our cell say everyone’s the only that will treat another taking down dangers of losing a Theresa looks like Dora gets it and now they want to go for this fight along members all I will fall here beautiful evil will get estimated it down and low doing the best he can they curse away just gets us strike into the heart will go down and just like that and Fontes porno dragon oh my goodness I need we need to see the kDa on all those did it was he able to pick up all three of those kills no he got two of those kills Heather did be it was able to get one of them but man that was a really well-timed ultimate it was perfectly calculated to execute them at the very end there had she not got the execute it would have turned this fight 360 around they would have been wiped the main problem of that fight is that they engaged that that the turtle without keeping a level phone you saw so many important members right evil level tree at that time I think along he still level tree he doesn’t have that key outputs of Billy’s those are babies to help you with teamfights and unfortunately they engage in a really bad time and now Borneo dragons have his advantage wow that’s actually pretty interesting based off the items just now you can see that most people have taken Rafa boots except for Klaus who decided to go for Swift boots and that’s gonna be interesting here because he won’t be able to rotate yes fast he still has some ability but I don’t think he really wants us to send out the clone yeah you’d Orioles Anatole and you ready mobile enough a whiff battle mirror image but these days momentary wedding is not so occupy getting a pickup day huge remember be on a team with the marksman of carry obviously close as much as well but traditionally we know that carry is just a lake a monster when you get those six items that those golden stop no blood loss as you just so strong absolutely you’re gonna be pretty insane here but I like top sights give me a tree Vitry all new walls cuz we going in looks like he’s just gonna back off now they’re gonna roll tape to the middling instead things has kind of slowed down a little bit absolutely I think it’s kind of uncomfortable to see silo actually going down there where he really shouldn’t because he needs the continuously oppressor carrying military to make sure that family is a proper is properly used because if he doesn’t get to kill anyway why big family in this situation because he just wants the farm he was those few islands employee goes to NJ for me I guess that the might have user D level eight the highest level in the game he has advantage so if you just want to get more advantage going in so we can solo queue and generate that split push that they so desperately need absolutely I mean wave clearing is gonna be an old old once the end although this is gonna be big just like they’re looking for the pig ship and I don’t think they magic not anymore not I you told you a double minutes or PK love is also um you know infuriating right that ripple strike pretty deadly rich cheese want to go for it I’m pretty sure they want to go in Augusta but they just love waiting if the daggers and we don’t respond is but now they can she type they want to fault lining comes in pain lately cash also today I’m focusing down destruction grew its way coming in and now they can dive all they want me carry a stick in the off screen my evil should go down as long there goes decimate all newbies on a rampage on the huge three more specifically but Fanny getting some retribution picking up the bomb turn yeah I mean that’s even under Sawyer whoa interesting pick up I huh I don’t know whether he’s just following the recommended I’m pretty confident that he has something up in mind my guess is that he’s most likely going to move into a more crit sort of a more creative bill but then does you most I would see that most people want to actually proc the passive of carry my forcing out be golden star very early on but this is gonna be interesting I like to see how his bill finishes off but let’s look at everybody else’s bill so far everybody is hitting their first powerspike martes he’s already got the endless battle that’s gonna be huge for him oh my god would you find some freaking position all-new pings phenomena so far on the smartest have to see whether they can respond and how are they going remember they have a lot of single target but if you look at a teamfight wise Siri one they have a better team because they have they unlock a oh we mean okay yeah goes like a integer if I don’t say it they get five beyond three coming a little bit too late there is just no form and no damage easy pickings come on bow no dragons FV really good call there they saw the opportunity Kyle went in divine judgment immediately immediately has the support for team to actually – to watch their little loop her all the way in Marty well played what’s his play with fire here he knows he knows that Fannie is that que pasa bring of order tryna find some people looks like I like that it is like bound it’s gone from the hand of God we’re gone where’s that minion now you see it now you don’t is forgot so actually picking up later later speaker is gonna be pretty important cuz that’s the huge power spike from him expect him to be cleaning up most of these people from the side of sheep say reborn not gonna be big here they wanna get fight they’re looking for ah doesn’t actually catch Shiloh there one silo if they get stunned up right that will be a huge thing I think yes you got the steel oh wow sour attribution on point on our miracle and she got it she said now she could look on the cake he does have to I just know able to bloom a motor-car with the usher aura will not be no catch on to anything and they’re just gonna back off quick rain check seven minutes in 3,000 more like two to one three K goalie on the side of Borneo dragon look at the bills it looks like both sides both carries actually opted to go for it even it’s not very interesting I would have liked it I would have definitely like to see you try something else here maybe they’ve got something that we don’t understand but uh interesting bill to say the least in their following a very similar build they argue about the hundreds or maybe in the fall with the blood loss acts looking at an itemization so interesting to see what let’s see how this has aged develops throughout me know I can see top side boner gardens push I push in the mid slide diary while pushing on top side they wanna trade his hurts because they load against ten my posture for the dragon yet one turns out McKay getting caught up in between reborn sandwich for members taking down cave you gotta be really really careful again oh man just look at the beauty of fatty who just goes through three people clears the wave and is still able to foxy they would inhibit because no one is stopping and now recall motor cranks but I still a little bit too late for my knees they’re selling it out where is the Thunder shock kinda shocked ghosts are evil forces the flicker as well as the despair stop and I think finally finding funny he would walk away all loop that’s not the Asha Ora but looks like he will not chase on through these minutes woman looks like miracle finally got the bolt the stand that she always wanted and this is gonna be important because that’s gonna be a huge damage output coming in from miracle so keep an eye on him he’ll be popping his passive multiple times during these fights and I think it’s weird because it is easy you know he was putting a lot of damage into myNet or what causes semi be hai sehar behind it what’s he afraid to actually roll on go on or was he just very hopeful that he had enough damage to take off my guitar I’m not too sure but here in this position or they want his dragons they want it bad megahorn liquor quick hands coming from Rimbaud mere minutes wrong might not be as lucky he is pretty tanky but not tanky enough mega kill streak going on the all-new but look at the mid lane say everyone saying you know what get those kills but we just want objectives and with zero mid that fatty he uses the ultimate if I just drag him back from the steel cables and drags him to the depths of hell cuz he will take it down and now long will be lingering up there going on to lost long-playing mr. buddy doesn’t want to give up this field remember evil they go down so they down just with two members miracle focus enough you had the ultimate delivery picking him into the lord pit and he faints so much damage ball dance the swing and they do get the lord and now say everyone just falls through one till they’re losing so much objectives they’d lost you’ll kill and they lost more as well I think it’s starting to become pretty evident that Eudora is catching off a lot of people unsuspectingly mid combo and I think they got to give a lot of respect because the moment you Dora is in range you really have to consider does she have a son or not and if she does – can I am I able to receive it and still survive the tea fight coming forward and I don’t think a lot of these people a lot of same reborn is actually respecting that here she does pump all out of damage but there’s plenty of damage from the side of Borneo dragons really cut them down I mean miracle with the golden snap huge power spike gacho John under history how much make it do especially building full damage five man strong polio Dragons knocking on the front doors I’ll say Rahman space with a Lord with everything they want they’re going on it Lord would come down on Thursday it goes a minute first he’s got the four members they’re already tarnished and say goodbye Carrie they can find ball dragons because there goes your help us there goes your heroes and CeeLo playing ring-around-the-rosie he gets one he gets two he’s looking for more and guess what listen wishy squishy time for you to ticket good stun they’re good ultimate in from cake but that’s just gonna delay the matter ball no way you’re running away from this a huge mistake coming up for Borneo dragons see a reborn bikes back I mean say reborn just wanted this to happen they wanted them group together so they can get a great off off of evil and if it wasn’t for that great a great ultimate coming in they probably would have taken that I probably would have lost along less members and maybe trade it off but really well-done from say every bar they really understood they played very calmly in this situation and just like that game did even picking up some tankiness they’re going off from that brute force breastplate I’m gonna make sure that he doesn’t get taken down so could be have to say right mono dragons they’re a lot of damage in their arsenal make sure that you get at least something a little bit from absolutely I think we gotta keep a big eye because quad hope not use exhaust on Electra Aero thicker gets forced out at least she does get stuff I think to be honest that fight it was all evil without a long uses that you couldn’t unfortunately see how an see teams everyone is they’re so scared I’m making sure that they don’t any mistake because they know this game is hanging by a thread absolutely because I mean if they lose one more teapot I’m pretty sure that it’s almost considered over at that point of time they need to respect the amount of pig potential coming in from Borneo dragons here they cannot take 2v2 skirmishes they cannot take 3v3 skirmishes Borneo dragon are playing very close to each other and the rotations are very fast they a lot less time actually performed two golden stops oh he missed he missed bought he needs one carry bought two golden stops and now he has to buy that he has to sell the item that’s a huge mistake you’re losing coal from it I’m sorry miracle I got a caught that on camera that’s so uncomfortable ah that’s really unfortunate there but oh yes as I was trying to mention just now in the teamfight as Lord was pressing into that bought our clock did not use his ultimate there at all yeah and they still want the fight without it so can you imagine what what caught is potentially able to do he could start destroying people in the backline if not kept in check that’s so fucking long is he pretty underwhelming to be honest not really the fancy plays that I’ve been expecting maybe you know sage it can prove me wrong here gets a pick up on the fanny that’s like huge one doll dance we show that’s the nuance and just like they’re just like clockwork they’re like you have no fatty you are gonna go down because we want to push on a mid lane they have to wait on the minion wave go just coming in up looks like me on forget pop by evil you gonna have that rage around for the next fight it’s just wing well this is gonna be important because now border dragons are in a position where they either kind of force a fight here especially since it’s a 4v5 and it’s highly favored that Borneo dragons needs to find objective they can rush actually punish them we enough nature gets purchased by carry so a lot of players you can tell me they buy window nature because they want withstand against the assassins right we donator gives you two seconds of physical immunity and that’s how you help so if a fatty goes up against you pop them innovator he can do any damage or if Claude hasn’t just pops assault walks in and pops it again looks like that he looks like a Norton Juster elmora door they’re gonna knock down on this bottom turret they really want an inhibitor and they are just happy defending didn’t say everyone I mean they gotta be careful here because family is foot pushing extremely hard they have to respond to this encounter ghost they’re top they’re going to lose their top inhibitor and that’s not something they want especially in pony or Dragons position where they want to keep the pressure up what they don’t want to lose an inhibitor where they have to worry about a lane constantly as you can see low you go wait for it a lot of major items Wow alright I mean that’s an item for Claude this isn’t really interesting he you so I very open-minded to see how they actually could play this out and I definitely want to see how this works okay so who sees it he’s out there interesting CEO has already to defensive I am he bought Athena’s shoe recently and and so as the you know like we before mentioned who forth respect he’s really playing great defensive he doesn’t to go down although you mad mortal car but those are the techies members of team not really where I want to go for and just like that evil despair stop away they know fatty stop side so they are going on this Lord yeah this is gonna be an interesting fight here because I mean family as minions are really really far away if they do this right now they’re going to be able to pull it off but it looks like the conditions are not right bottling is pushing it to them they don’t want that to happen they’re gonna try and clear that out and Rican troll and find control over the top side of the map once more make sure family is pushed out reset all the lanes and then look for the opportunity to go for Lord and this is the late game you know 15 minutes in most players really have at least 5 4 to 5 items and seal oh my gosh you guys rocked up but that’s just not enough damage I mean Carrie was not in position actually knows he is wall man look at damage coming up I think that was just that was all carried that was all careless all miracle oh this is named this is a dangerous game that same reborn I’m playing here because their team composition no they want to fight 5 b5 is gonna be tough because it’s so dependent on evil landing that ultimate and even if he lands his ultimate in he’s too late gato will have use this ultimate Eudora would have popped up all her damage and by then it’s a little too late yeah so looks like both teams heavy sorry happy to just install it I know late even Stephens no worries whatsoever Fannie going back to minion clearing beauties but Borneo dragons they’re looking for a way they started a game so good 3,000 goalie all see though hold your breath I mean she’s never going to really engage anybody because it’s a little too dangerous he doesn’t know where everybody else is on the map he knows that Morris is all of it is on mid side well where is everybody else and see their Fanny just using those sues cables go back think the game has kind of Richard still made they don’t really play any you know mistakes whatsoever they’re just playing it safe waiting for them first Michigan this could be it Monaco going for the flag he got Oh charging out that rough goes on too long but that’s not like the here thing I want to hit you one they hit fatty you wanna hit gushes as well as the clock didn’t catch on to any it so butter dragons call off the flank um I wouldn’t like to see them actually take the fight there just to make sure that they don’t have the number same reboard don’t have the numbers to actually fight for big objectives and force them into position and force them in a position to actually engage mark to them where they have the wig on see defensive I am coming in from fatty he only has the loss and build spare s offensive items I think family really understands her position that her team has plenty of damage she is playing an off tank role and she’s always gonna be split pushing so if she is able to withstand two or maybe even three people it’s gonna be pretty big next year ello lads alta loma’ long has a mortality in his back pocket so he is not really dead scare and not that afraid what will it take to break this stalemate especially for it’s a lot easier for Borneo dragons here they just need to have the odds in their favor and they can easily take the fight if they wanted to however say it reborn are in a difficult position because their team composition is so mechanically dependent that if the conditions are not right there is just no point fighting and family is doing a great job stalling out the game always forcing out the player pressure always using her mobility to keep clearing the waves making sure that Borneo dragons a Borneo dragons have to have to continuously gate priority of the legs there goes the rum there goes long they’re sitting on this big yeah actually going out to Lourdes but I reckon knows about this and now they’re gonna call it off got so tries to call the evil yes you know on hasn’t raised from can he punky on the video all in a small area they tried to got me evil before you go for a dragon and see nobody goes by the Saudis I’m oh man look at a half thousand a dragon a Costa tangos are blazing you headed they will try to get out you know it’s so dangerous although he won’t be enough it takes him down the visor to for to exchange even Stephens across both sides and both tease a play on a knife’s edge still not used to Saltzman I am waiting for the blazing new head I am waiting for that one moment where he just Snipes everybody with that ultimate but so far there is no real position for him to actually use it because if he does he’s gotta get in here and if he get anything he is going to get cut down only bonus guy got his hell at ease so easy immortality what if so he’s playing oh thanks baby I mean it’s he’s confident so gonna replay real quickly all right breaking this down fatty it’s doing a really good job kpop is blazing do I can see it two members onto it that’s why they’re so low just the short cooldowns just a real good okay always got away from it but this auto-type goo from downtown 3-point from half-court gets the kill I mean this scheme is rough and this can be free or they were too slow on the head and rim on that clock will be a taker and now Bona dragon once that’s too late and it’s just way too late yeah Borneo dragons just that that was definitely a missplay on their part they should have been very aware that savory bone can take out Lord extremely extremely fast they got to retribution they got to be more on the ball but as of right now it’s quite a big stalemate for both sides here this is I’m ready are you ready for this five-on-five teamfight micro Israeli my you know what let’s do this sand reborn from the crust of defeat they look so bad in the early game Bona dragons with a great start now they’re clawing yourself back into this game who is gonna win Game one well this is honestly gonna be hard to say but I do want to mention that you know in the patch notes itself they have actually upped her scaling as well in terms of her magic world so she gets so much magic damage is this going to make a huge difference for highlights we’re just going to have to see cuz she has a lot of damage in her kit good side Towers even though you have a love tanky Adams you know what Towers to fall pretty quickly and now look at this theory about pushing on three and on every single cylinder that they have middle top bottom and with Lord on the top side they are good expire and bang on his interlock going into the base he has a mortality he can’t play as aggress everyone beautiful that goes to kick it and now it is an account or your will takes down the count but what else and why cost the figures come in in place so happily in the front line and that is an open base for for say everybody pushing but look at that boy Rob do so much and they’re turning it around put on a face no they’re not point down without a fight and they’re going for it three members now Sandra boss stays alive what just happened what just happened there I am so confused they look like they’re at the brink of defeat their Lord was walking right into their base let’s look at this replay I need to know what happened to all it was a great engaged from sand reborn look at him okay oh oh I see in the turret if he joined the fight it could have been so much better in was the only DPS besides it was so far away the OD DPS lost that cloth and he was so far back he couldn’t finish off everyone went back to you that was just a great rhyme catching on to to got those two kills and just like that they stay alive and now boyo dragons please yeah pushing they’re going for it lately blade black picked up by ring he wants that damaged Kerry has immortality he has all the items you want to remember we are into late-game no don’t do this to me guys Fany zero do not back door I can not handle this my boys will die see oh no no way is he actually gonna do this no one is really going back just yet I mean it’s all three inhibitors are down this is looking really good for same reborn because now that I’m open up the map so much so they’re pointing at rank it’s really gone wrong he’s going in face out of the tree members the chicken know is that he has a simple you were open and walk away he’s the tank yes well the tank you’re a member of team because he’s seal oh he still linger around the topside he wants to try this pact on finding new channels he’s recall and okay no back talk no screaming no yelling mrduss august calm down man can you wait for the backdoor to happen not predicted back to predict the back to see the future he didn’t pick up that river crap want to say in this latest stage on the game yes matter he he has the potion as well and he said the elixir as I should say it and now saying reborn this is just who’s better at camping whoo-hoo feast checks better oh no oh no he’s not he plays smart he is not going to face track but this one is far enough this could be the trigger because they see two members I’ll put it in the top side remember to inhibitors so you’re all three neighbors I picked it out they know they know they’re in there they know they’re in there and now I’ll just take his time hold back wait for the way to push it to him he’s absolutely happy to actually not be part of it oh wait set be too bad if he’s audience example it is yours all alone and now go to I still owe you cable is there they’re all gonna retreat they are going for a lawyer remember Lord goes down so quickly in this another game Rin is there the lockup will not go on to him Bryn gonna retreat from this critics off of that those are just pure attacks with all new gonna be the front line remember he’s really tanky handsome Italian Shora on to gue Minotaur not what you want but heaven found out long lock finally gets what a force not the Flickr we’ll be safe for now ADC use this a electric arrow Zillo don’t do this you know look at this the a girl or you’re forcing boater dragons into a decision that they don’t want to make Fanny’s forced to go back they’re just gonna Rico and he’s just used to play go on to the Lord pit is way too far he’s gonna be 45 say everyone just I’ll play the team macaroni and now see like a solo kill Kerry say goodbye ATC is doing what he can succeed he won’t go down but that’s all he does and lon go strolling away Borneo dragon the retribution was good and they get the steal and now it’s going all the way through me I’m feeling confident yeah I’ll try to reach you from this serie but they’re not happy at remember a car will slow things down the sauce might pull down to all-new and now flick over and appalling he strikes Gaza into the Angela team the more day one we know they won the marksman but they do have the barometer image you will be the slink away and let steel coming out from Lord oh my god boy little dragons is crazy why every time I cross your game you make they just know they just know it’s you he’s already got his blazer off he’s standing up here I repeat he is standing up this is a serious game but as we can see supporters gave me that meow are you talking about I mean it’s even more serious on a personal level for you as it seems but same reborn really really really really tilting for him for them to lose out Lord there is their wit condition right they played everything perfect I want to see that replay if it’s possible I’m sorry production putting on a spot here what happened you could see CeeLo pushing that ball way use those few cables go to Nellore pit kya was so far away the only thing that went wrong was that steel they pick up miracles immortality early on that was perfect positioning that’s the ideal scenario but he just wants outlaw and now Lord this is the five back into the balling the 555 here comes off into the back like they go to cheer me up everybody where is the catch-all he does have a solo and let’s eat or damage this will not survive yo dad goes to go to stop all and guess walking in we were all wrong because the Nexus won’t go down and he stay in river they revolve axis and it will be for the Dragons picking up game one sending a message to the west I’m so lost for words that was an absolutely heart-wrenching and beautiful game played by poor neo dragons here Nilo keyword oh my god oh my goodness well done honestly it was a very very intense game all around here savory born looking for the macro opportunities to go yeah and force open Borneo dragons but every single time Borneo jackets were faced with a tough decision they managed to pull something up pull the bat right under try say every board yep border dragons coming in clutch showing that teamwork showing you and even you


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