[Music] it’s the game now we will see what will be pings picked up and what will be bad and amélie they go in for that Hellcat bath yeah I think the hell could has been a pain in the butt I don’t think I want to see him by literally as a player I would want to face against that help it doing up so much opportunity so much tactics for the team that has said in order to initiate the attack we face while at the same time traitors they will go in with your first and face and it will be no good under stranger than crop grow up being very annoying being warning with one of the players to start to run with it and it looks like a hayabusa will be betting out from team flash tyrants interesting yeah and the last one I think it’s still gonna be Selena I think it’s too risky to give it over Anton set of flashcards and a very standard bands coming true now any of meta heroes that you could predict we saw you know a couple of times you’re uh I’m not sure if she’ll be played but we just have to see what kind of fun liners here now five more seconds in go ahead enjoy hit but he came he’s not the type that gets basically he still has the beds people still near him on that balance I think that Selena instantly right now it looks like they’re gonna work alongside with the abyssal arrows so one thing you gotta know that and this arrows works really well get the team set up first the team shot at the play at this a car arrow Cup team because you all know that mr. arrows velocity is also the arrow speed is actually pretty slow so you really need the team to kind of set up then you can go in with whatever you want to push it in for Selena especially when they are fighting in tight angles I think that’s where she excels best now we get to see two somewhat of a assassin coming through that’s Lancelot alongside Prussian really really good with split-pushing picking off some memories as well but in terms of tanks if vast tyrants lock in some tanks right now they’ll leave their options pretty much limited from the siding of traders you have high loss you have minutes or your fob car these are technical run you can go run with as well Lolita but it seems like Jean traders they want to focus to the enemy the attacking power a proneness from these two assassins at the same time flash tyrants locking down minute oh I think that’s no stranger to that I feel like Flash tyrants works really well with Minotaur especially also all the Singapore teams here and the rest of things and it looks like Montes will be play in this game I like the whole idea because when you mix up both the martyrs and Minotaur together that’s just so much flung down yes correct this positioning for the side of a trader system making sure that they’re nullified but that Ruby coming into play it will try their best to actually catch out that Selena I believe just start coming make things work and hold on when the allies I think it’s relatively safe all right and a recent buffer Ruby makes a little bit more tanky so even though she’s not a tank girl position C still can play as a very tanky fighter at the same time you look at Ellis hungers is definitely gonna play him hungers is one of the best players while using Alistair so I think this use it’s also percentage but he played really well with the tank emblems in town and that’s really good oh is that coming into play hello get the Quecha oh it’s been a long time yeah it’s been a very I think the loss I saw got achacha was in week one too easy for Geoffrey from mistake further than using that katachi and was a pain in the butt again he was a sort of again they destroyed to sing appearances and looking for a third one game one comes in ladies and gentlemen as we pick a head go take away oh gosh Sedo and man we’ve all been trying to guess which team will come on top this is the most hollow light a match of sunday and for good reasons because both of them are kingslayer’s yes each of their own reviews so Congress alongside with our will be pushing in that middle wave here a lot up of Lancelot just uh can’t that Minotaur will innovate inside but money much that traders now might be able to spot out that Selena but Selena be safe in the midlane I want to see this matchup like Selena who is she gonna match up in the midlane nested thing is it gonna be I guess it’s an hour’s stead yeah I think it’s gonna be Alice at the same time ruby is just supporting her in the midlane we do see a few place supporting the mid laner or those kind of like takings a bit of the cool out of it but then again it’s kind of like the sustain that meet Lena to be a little bit more technique and the time come the top lane however I feel like the matchup would work in the favor of yokai and of course I Harley the Harley deals a lot of damage as well that the catcher not being one of the most used tanks so we have to see how it works you see ready they’re actually pretty low ohyeah one so I just sitting down there is the matchups that’s kind of important because if you know with the correct matchups you kind of know what’s going on or what leads up to the outcome of the upcoming games a lot of boots being popped out by most of these majors here demonic oh look at that damage and this is why ruby was there to kind of sustain man look at that team flash Tyra’s will go in with the first blood knights caught up I’m artists with he assure all right hand and he really helps that punch to pack a punch into that and gave managed to get killed yeah and then he just used them all call just to gap close and really slams her down and that’s one kill runs out faster I’m still looking for that turtle as well drawer slams but that’s trying to catch out the mid laner here watch charging in yeah that’s all I’m gonna go in and he is already having ultimate just that he couldn’t touch up the great Bob meter or something or the fury bar I am Not sure you prefer rich from theory oh I got a theory okay let’s just talk about fury Baba anyhow team flash tyrants of I love the strategy they are roaming around they’re just not being that passive as I say you about this well I think that they’re just trying to slowly skill into the game but that’s gonna be a fool charge they’re coming from Swan but members immediately bailing out they know that’s the setup there I’m not gonna go in for that Bush as well good moves coming from the side over traitor so just making sure that they stay alive staying safe how much wow so long I’m just going through what a on getting here it’s not gonna do much damage I mean both of them a tank so but this might do some damage looks like team traitors they’re gonna spot us Juan here with the Minotaur just gonna treat and trade blows no sign of em but no the overhang goes unfortunately we’ll get caught off guard with the scuffle and the rest of the members will push forward it seems like fresh tyrants have the upper hand advantage and swans trying to make a wave strong death and that would be a trick kill coming in the rest of the members of team traitors he was gonna continue fighting Marcus with his kings are sure down there below and it looks like Russian world KS or at least finish off the kill uh-oh that fight was kind of prolong in that safe angle a lot of back-and-forth like hey hey we’re done but here to say is hey we’re not done yet yeah come back and praise gonna fight till the end of a who’s this stealing away that crap over on the river but Harley manages to pick up then top lane tower in hand and also make the big purchase true I want to see how you know these teams they rotate really a lot and in groups so if they were to rotate in a large amount of possessions coming in a lot of places all runs in their rotation there’s gonna leave one lane wide open and we have to see that solo laner to kind of exploit the advantage because when you have a clean Linda you see is the same that you know this is a free pump you can continue farming the lanes you can continue farming the creek for gold so I want to see much more these solo laners coming in yeah I definitely want to see them pop up in what they do it’s gonna be a fees for summarize with flash tires it’s a crate second turret true the bottom lane they already have Wow this split-pushing strap is working so well but this is traders still looking for an answer they they don’t want to commit to the fight but they don’t really want to secure session will be taken out by the Ring of flame by eons Harley it looks like II one wants to find revenge but then pieces are in a very tight situation minutes or is there Holly’s day as well as Ruby joins the battlefield but it takes a little bit too much they’re just gonna be the gauge well the hero is similar to the likes of Harley as well yes correct so I just like we hardly pick because it’s more consistent damage from the early game alright for Claude it’s for the late game yeah so that’s gonna be a very uh function going bought there from the side of RB RB you know all the way up front trying to catch on to some members here but arrows not gonna hit anyone as of yet this is a setup here it won’t fall down like that you want don’t fall for that one but then it looks like flash tyrants the really one they catch something you want to start something like and they will catch up Kochi unfortunately so the gushin will go down to the grave here and leaving flash tyrants they window of opportunity to take the turret down below and maybe turns to take one more kill he once will fall down as you guys are Katja and say oh my goodness this hurricane guns is perfectly time the rest of the members of team flash tyrants they want to go in for mobile unfortunately our Chi will fall to the hands of Lancelot and just might be stopping their progression but more damage has been done already it seems our hero was Vogler looking at greedy over there and he will get the trait kill Aslan’s running away he doesn’t have that submitter ready on today we managed to survive though like what that small to how he could have picked her down as well but interesting traits however a on just tried his best but they managed to finish off that’s three kills in the hands off Lancelot himself so I don’t know that’s a lot with a endless battle already he’s gonna go in for blade of despair and later on I think he’ll go more for he still needs that sustainability as they need to get some life steel in his game at the same time flash tyrants a little bit too over aggressive it could have done a little bit more careful but then here comes deep team fight as well team flash tyrants logo you got the catcher at a very nice time the all team but that is not enough the rest of the members of team flash sirens will go in with yet kill as Harley and Marty’s will going as dad comes in with the double kill the rest of team traitors will have to fall back our trip book kills Kamini pop-pop giving back to Holly my own mind his little magician just pack some punch all the playful trickster here’s a on just raking kills and that by itself and I like how they were position in all those bushes so perfectly they we’re having that small little scuffle there for a moment and they caught on all these members from traders they’re going straight for the Lord no challenges whatsoever this might just be an early game for the side of flash silence and team tyrants they did not concede a single turret at this moment as we move on to the 8th 52nd minute over here and I don’t know what to say flash tyrants they are just playing this game really well at the same time traitors they need to climb back they have to at least first stop this lot get the teamfight in your hands and then perhaps just push further because right now they don’t have much room to go you can see that all be is running with the clock of Destiny remember it’s the clock yeah it kind of refreshes if I’m not mistaken it kind of gives more mana for time to time so you know Selina has no mana more abyssal arrows to trow yeah that’s a loss a the I’ll be getting hot out by arrow and Mary I have to back away merely and speaking of canta canta and in this whole fight itself especially in I think that there’s a little bit of a spike coming through but that’s good the Lord watching through the top lane and that’s going into the fight here comes the fight ladies and gentlemen the fight of the century perhaps the rest of flesh sirens trying to push in as gushin gets the kill montes yeah sure king decimate down his opponents and someone comes in less Lobby another Q as well harley going to chip onto the kill as they have three more members in hand not a trick kills or treat both coming in but it seems like team traitors they are not having the upper hand imagine electric butcher comes in what are you doing this is such a golly play a mania comes in and mine oh mine is a team wipe that’s a beautiful wife up coming in and flash tyrants will be able to take Game one away from traitors no one last Olivet Act oh yeah there we go you know what we’re just ending the game Tom just kind of bamboozles like yep I’ll go through that but not just that we’re gonna wait yes there we go Harley pop yeah Harleen in that match I have to give it to the holiday event it’s like super OnPoint big shout out to yon she was playing really well with the Holly it kills one Destry assists a lot of Asians at the same time he’s coming back for more he come and he went out and came into the fray or the battlefield and just in the unleashing kills after kills from time to time the game is actually 10 minutes 90 seconds as I hear very possibly scheming yeah definitely faster than the ones that we had in the previous series and now one put in do you think that flash you


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