[Music] I could be right you know what that’s all do real dance last week well we are here where today we’ll see where the rock comes in and distro for not 100% bed if if that drop is not bad it’s like change my name to pseudo junior for one game one you having removed all right whatever I can then target then I this is why I like cha got banned against Ebola but yeah the things that you don’t know a target man when you’re losing on a basic syringe right you need to think of all or you should every target man because would you want to give something completely like in their comfort baked but you give you a crock give me week well nobody could be get it draw oh my god no feel I got be like the hell could you have joy hayabusa please come on come on come on give it here they’re thinking about this this is when you’re little like praying to God right like all the deer production it can be like it’ll get a clip of everyone in there and a pseudo little junior like that’s how we gonna like end okay and of course Crockett’s picked up immediately why why did I think I didn’t understand crop you talk about like I’m not gonna make any prediction and he makes a prediction to grow hundred percent bad because it’s a no brainer you have to very it’s so important are you saying that we all world does not have brains that they allow this the good job they must have a specific strategy you know once again this is gone now can’t go back go back away okay back to earth vector so we have minutes all and jaw here that comes along here so Hawk damage you know III assume that this joy is gonna be a damage joy because we’ve been singing about damage or its rotted a minute or just accelerates the relating so well for any any members you know you wanna be a pair down with Alice and also the wrong is so strong because of the ultimate so stand up picks here new dragons what are you gonna go for looks like the house how in hayabusa solid pics it’s exactly what they pick in the first rotation last game so I can see they put a lot of emphasis into these heroes well Hayabusa didn’t do all – good night and age how specifically but with the addition of grog that changes things up if they’re still going for like sauna yeah I don’t think I should go forever sauna they need to adapt to you know the car meta and John yes wow I like this I do a lot because you whenever high boosts up you know ghosts on split-push if he’s doing what he wants I think bab angela uses the heart guard some means to be one look in and the atlas like we said all right this minute all strongly make sure that she goes through a lane with a you know steady at least we some good go generate a really good bodyguard but it got you know one jumps on her what the real question what a portage is gonna pick you don’t go I don’t think that you go for a sauna they are gonna lock in the back sauna and I like this better just because it’s a crop there’s more for frontline it might go for a higher skill no I don’t you go fuck i attain the higher education Lancelot nice not like I should get was gonna because she so basically is the same exact decomposition and a drift game one except for the iron changing of croc I over lucky I did a little bit more no more magic damage I I guess it’s up to the flavor that’s there how far did this this could have been a Marcus as well yeah idea would have you know city does pretty well he would have created a front line from a sauna on the other side alpha is a great answer okay I was like whoa it’s is known okay going back to direct yeah Alphonse if you answer why do you think so I’ll still grump that’s not you know necessarily make a victory by itself well we’ll have to spine now because we are kid to gave to our poor no dragons F we against we all world it’s like K won’t be playing the croc you know he played basically the same exact line up except K he’s not playing hiya he’s maracas alright oh by the way everybody in chat is calling you pseudo junior right I’m not see that you here at the moment but yeah now we like we mentioned Larry predicted me Hawk and ambien smoke they’re gonna pair up together make sure that you know that’s a good bodyguard making sure no one’s I mean laying on any of you ever grow you’re going for the event later massage – oh man but look at that it easy we so mother and they get the first blood porn you Krakens they have a veg into it they want that kill they got at least a small I party company I mean do you when you have a girl you need to expect that you know the event is gonna come through the also gonna be cutting Lane a little bit further away so yes Bonnie Dragon will get an early lead this is pretty much to be expected yep it is gonna be at the middle stage of the game and also we know within the first little fight candy make enough of an impact but this is what they need to do right they have to go abuse it abuse that power feature that just be so much damage and you can’t even be crowd control kids when you’re near a wall you and you’re charging that skill you cannot be crowd control so they’re doing what they need to do but we hope might be going they are angry day one suffice all new doesn’t have the shrimpo but it looks like they will not be able to chase up me how you justify letting bosses on a flicker it’s okay you know those get a spells it’s either you it helps you get a kill or helps you escape a death and as long as it’s one of those it’s fine yeah indeed I mean you you don’t want to be on there like the saving side of things is any of that’s gonna be happening you’re gonna see up top hayabusa and jaw hit both got each other’s lanes that’s why you really equalizer but there turtle is now up on the map and we’re gonna see will body dragons you know decide to go for it it looks like it they opting away from that I I don’t think any choose what what do you think I feel like what I have to do is just wait until kids that will forget your outfits before you really engage up to anything yes I know I mean shanks already has been you know push back really low door one you know oh no he’s getting a level fall in smoke a cut out a little bit he is tanky by the early stages is really hard snap is there can he can his rage oh just a little bit if he can’t he could have used his motivational raw and healing up but he was just so close just one more tick would have you on the right so nobody it should go in take a shuttle but they saw opting not to go in for potential kill yeah I’m not sure about you know not really playing they have the objective game here playing safe playing in safety you know now they’re in a position where they are in the lead to one accord unnecessarily but but ladies you say that far yeah well you cannot you know a mistake happens when you are not capitalizing on your advantage as well so in fact if we there are going through a mistake right now you ever gonna see what else can they do alpha is just happily farming saying it late no problem they sense now already on level four which means Angela can jump into anybody across the map this makes taking turtle Dan much more difficult all x-ray he’s good one be 100 member those shanks like you said has the hard cut unblocked already but opting not to go for it looks like you wanna die this one LinkedIn us have to go some Vince more only doing is just trying to you know starve them out under the tyrant – we keep gonna kind of constantly mean Smokies here he does have the rage bar and a little bit more but they’re just gonna clear up the ghost nothing much it’s gonna come in fruition but at least they get the river crap from this whoa-ohh meanwhile he goes through the real dragon they got one tier they want to fight off this but then oh my Alice was the ultimate give me all the to me but make it three three kills in an air will go really really bad a game it want amazing beautiful combination coming from Vincent and me home as well lockdown then knock up and lift the head in your life drained away from them as you did get reward with the turtle and now the gold leaf swings to be a favor it started off so well they start off like everything any dreamed up they got a kill but let me just slide it up unfortunately that’s just what happened the fact that it did not know when they could have liquor comes in the world racket into dragon himself hard cut instead uses the for swing but doesn’t let out to anyone so it doesn’t get any nice to you but looks like she doesn’t really matter you will go down after all that they now poppin all state also although yeah just go to the other side already sure what happened there and there goes the military we’re gonna kill even the Alice meanwhile screen we will see joy getting at Cooperstown Facebook users deep despair stop get something he comes get or joy pussy let’s have a shanks to try – movie stay alive will not be able to go do anything at all me Hawk constantly put the phone but in to the blood off will get the stun off but will not have enough damage gush it is still there sauce white connects all too visible but after all that the fight will finally end yeah at the same time x-ray got the three tower back up top completely left alone net keep in mind you know they were multiple members on a tab or new dragon that were there we all will were outnumbered but still coming up on top yeah baby come out on top that long long fight but last Exodus get picked up by alpha but the real fight is dragon dust get focused on crowd control for date no chance whatsoever to use that force thing to try and stay alive we spoke about not in range for the boat motivational wrong I’m gonna see at the bottom me hall is a next target will be able to jump out yeah she will be able to that’s a flowing blood ooh like this glowing one what is dwell what not concentration G going one option meanwhile new that’s not an interesting option to walk through their brush – because that’s gonna sell you to your depth letter Q can you picked up by x-ray and he finishes that blue of despair gonna have a lot of damage coming up next teamfight zone and you’re gonna see back up top on your dragon of the forum even more alpha what are you doing alpha well he’s just got a meetin chance you know jumped in but still was not what’s not long enough for her to actually make a presence being self up there you know gato here you asked about why the item being bought for that particular purpose woof I don’t think the girl what’s the reason for that right that little bit of burn didn’t cure off but could have been gonna be but Schanke found so quickly shanks wasn’t even in there yet so when the killer Alice need to follow I’m sorry DX I did it for you suicide when the dragon walking left front and center feeling a little bit they are still behind but they are looking much better compared to game one they are looking a lot more equal competive one on hoop is that hockey hawk my face Alonzo Tiger but he’s just getting crunk with Triple H does manage the popular but he’s just gonna get live tree he are the true members and he’s stayin alive – I’m going down on amendments of Borneo dragons chow – getting in that off screen that is a double kill on the side of in smoke the ghost he’s just gonna go down the jaw hit no dollar and sure what happened a kiss I was I just went on a solo kill but look at the Alpha he’s pushing all loaders in the top side and he will be able to get this jump excited doesn’t even reach the siege minions so it is gonna be a fair trade across for them and the goal lead is pushing forward is not 2004 aside a we own world look at looks like there are a couple of endless battles going on – quick chase on the side of your own world both alpha enjoy it I’ll think they’d go for it so it’s a food damage your head like we predicted so there’ll be three damage shots coming in it will be the Owls alpha and joy instead oh look at the Goldie slowly but surely it kind of saris experience and it’s kind of stagnant going over to the Weald world side yeah it will manage to swing it however you know it’s not growing in terms of their favor which boats quite well for Borneo dragon who ever go ahead they jacked up the damage is real and guess what in the lane arms off Alex what a beautiful chicken to let all the street members Tommy Hawk is the inner backline doing what he can gato instead where’s the shell we saw he lands on the ones and now he just under four days in the wrong time in a Robert peaceful use guest on top table by the ejector what can you be beautiful jumps after the central tree members produce all of the Hayabusa you just watch it why he can stand up yeah sorrowful not even near he goes down so the amount of patience be sure by we on wall here shanks really no tying him down chattering just making sure that he’s a little bit slow away and then yes to decide does he wanna cook for him but you get locked away sheer miracle unfortunately not performing they’re not showing us that was the perfect time they will line up in this beautiful life hums have to land on the three members I’m not mistaken and they were all controlled up but there was just no fault if the high was not was just one second earlier he could have using his kiss you or is he shadow kill and let it three members doing so much more damage well he’s gonna hope that you know me that opportunity comes knocking again right now it’s gonna be two kills ahead still but that golden has already ballooned to not three thousand blue snowball is a bit too mainstream for you I mean it’s no balls when it’s like we’re not only by a 1000 oh wow is that hard cut is and cable connect you don’t you keep me with life and he manages is picking down Troy will go down after all then they’ll know Angela will go down so that’s a huge makeup for man you know fury but there is no follow look at else he’s so far away dragon doing what he can to try run away oh no that’s what we want but he does have this despair stop so he will be to walk away all fine and dandy but that is the strike of Crocker it was interesting if we won’t actually join them that could have been a potential turnaround but you know I guess it wasn’t go for you know let’s kind of lost us yeah let’s not go for it buddy dragon you know narrowing the kill lead here 11 to 12 right now by the goalie is to song the same as well yes it’s still well it’s out 2300 so you know shrinking it back into your favor here I doesn’t really show much yeah just step main core items what a final end gushin both have torches yeah oh they want to burn them off and x-ray is going for the immortality as well so he doesn’t want to die anymore basically I think no one wants to die right alright it looks like this is gonna be in a collab day I want to go for a min so jump scene in he does have to race boat he will just pop up but only on two all new not worried about the alkalizing at making sure they good and now we’re into the back like going out to ATC they want the Jolly ricotta Raul altitude but those another pirate on discussion he’s all alone you know the shadow based all but will not connect on to anyone so ever and that is just signaling via whoa hey this is gonna be a feed more for us I mean this is really well played by we on you know Dave they knew that the only rhetoric for them to be taking was gonna be the midlane they also wanted me dancing around lon they just wait you know set the trap and then spring in yep and now it looks like x-ray just popping up in smoke into the river Kramnik you should get that and now I guess you can say we over is in firm control in full control in the driver’s seat this is for them to end the game well I’m not sure if they’re gonna end the game directly from this because I mean there’s still a lot of you know additional effort in this get pulled out they also splitting you given the fact that it’ll bottom here if body dragon will step out of line they will get heavily punished it looks like so they’re gonna be crop for now Wow me hobbling so grand it means so confident I’m not sure if he has the winner tres yet you x-ray getting used the wheel the dragon is that home damage over force as well fancy mouth one more ice one more time won’t do it oh gee sheriff you would never there would have been such a big kill me all is sorting at this point just being able to be on the turret as they go and deal with Lord they’re gonna see the next wave charging now they do have a big ceej Midianites over there as it makes the fight breaks out Oh croc comes in just not just yet almost almost looks like they’re all gonna back off or what they’re gonna kill Vince box ghost as of now jaw here is there on a side of x-ray they have two lanes pushing in there waiting for the next minion wave before they go into across who find my power while chances we spoke into the wall he has the power B rows and his rage state not room question mops yeah exactly miracle going in for a minute though I was hoping for a miracle unfortunately what he got dealt with was reality em wrong yet picked up now does this mean that he wants to speak with a little bit more because he said I hey we call me when he fights I pick up a little world that do the extra damage to turrets maybe I can just push the game to victory there’s also a be really tough if he wants to be doing that specifically you have multiple that can deal with him this point given the fact that you see multiple people at level 15 already a keep in mind here Chao and croc are only a level 11 which is not too bad considering shanks and Vince won’t resent 12 that’s true that’s true they’re not too far behind but the things that they’re not reckon verging into advantage right they need to make use that experience into a good key like I said this game is much closer compared to last game but they’re still slowing dying out we’re still waiting here i I have to come and commend them on their patience patience from X ray that’s a that’s a infamous line got that in my head in the moment but now actually trying to look for a principle almost has his rate state he can’t jump in with that’s not no ultimate goes on to visible so it looks like how do I use it if it’s not like that they want another tank right they just want to make sure there’s another meat shield in front of this team to make sure that they have enough tankyness to just protect their carries well also I’m guessing it goes just to scout out looks like yeah just playing so safe yeah okay so miracle does get spotted out in the bottom this might be a signal for them to move in but shanks so although already does get tossed back here oh and the wall on the wrong way of a dragon’s wrong side there and buddies to diving in I’m not really sure what we always doing extra he’s tried to get out but now here comes be okay now and we may need to back up a good ultimate coming in we’ll just slow down but they see that minotaurs well this is going bad from words for real work actually he’s all he will false we go about meeting rocks you remember that high it was a yes prolific rock he would do extra damage and guess what it came he’s gonna stop the back stop the recall guys because you have one ninja doing the work they you have to stop all oh my god and now he’s gonna take it no way no shoe no not this time not like this not like this I have uh he has to me is show the base guys show them is yes one minions yes once all do here’s why dream and it’s all up and we all war they will not be able clean on the teacher because Borneo dragged him with one ninja with one item joy get the win you definitely called out the malefic raw over there and right okay that’s stopping the Baths will absolutely crucial and what what a big gamble coming out from them these a nice person decreed come on miracle he be this design doesn’t suffer by 994 percent structural damage he’s the MVP Quan I think I think I think mobile I just need to revisit this system well I mean it’s based on Katie air right so oh my god you


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