Naked Troll Farts Glitter on Unsuspecting Guests at Universal Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando has thought of a new way to welcome its guests. Guy Diamond's franchise Trolls joined his friends Poppy and Branch at Florida's amusement park, but there is one essential difference: he is completely naked. And that's not all, in a welcome song, the Troll turns around and the pets shine on the audience. Perhaps it 's about a Floridian randomly chosen, dressed in a thug Trolls to play a joke instead of. an officially licensed costume of the amusement park? No, it's real.

In a new video, you can watch Poppy, Branch and Guy Diamond greet guests at Universal Orlando while dancing on a song from Trolls soundtrack. When the song ends, Diamond reveals his true hidden talent and his pets shine in the direction of the crowd and it's pretty awesome. And as to whether it's a joke or not? Universal's official website programs the three characters to meet guests six times a day, which means that Diamond has to restore his favorite talent among Trolls ] at least 42 times a week.

One has to wonder if Universal Orlando employees are arguing to become the bare troll that fizzes all day long. As with everything about a bare troll of the franchise Trolls there is a good chance that there is a little controversy. A woman on social media says that even though she loves the Harry Potter Park section she will not be coming back with her family until a naked-hand troll walks around. She had this to say.

"Thank you Universal Orlando for canceling this growing desire to visit your parks.I love your Harry Potter spaces, but it's impossible for you to get a penny from my hard-earned money. the family if you think that a naked scintillating Troll is acceptable. "

Although a few people do not appreciate the unique talents of Guy Diamond, there are more than just $ 15,000. others are all for. After watching the video several times, it's quite hilarious and the crowd definitely takes a good shot. A person on social networks said: "I hate the troll shining but I appreciate Universal to make me feel something new", which certainly sounds positive.

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The Universal Orlando marketing team must have had a lot of fun in develop this idea to bring Trolls to the theme park. However, we do not know how much longer Guy Diamond will be able to walk without pants, but that would totally defeat the purpose of his natural talents. In addition, it could be said that it could even be more offensive if the troll lowered his trousers before launching lightning on his back. Whatever your feelings, you can watch Guy Diamond doing his work below, thanks to the Attractions Magazine YouTube channel.


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