Netflix Drops Surprise Blumhouse Horror Movie Mercy Black

Netflix now broadcasts the horror film Blumhouse Mercy Black . The surprise streaming platform has dropped the film and is available for streaming right now. The film comes from Austin's writer and director, Owen Egerton (19459004), Follow Us The Blood Festival ) and is vaguely inspired by the controversy Slenderman and by the British child Mary Bell killer case, but he has his own voice. Daniella Pineda and Austin Amelio, Elle LaMont, Lee Eddy, Janeane Garofalo and Miles Emmons

Owen Egerton recently sat down to talk about Mercy Black . Egerton says, "I'm trying to scare myself with concepts and moments," and he seems to be on the right track as viewers are trying to determine if the premise is based on a true story. The director / screenwriter gives potential viewers an idea of ​​what they will do when they watch the horror movie on Netflix. You can read what he said about it below.

"This is the story of a woman 15 years after stabbing a classmate.He committed this horrible act to stave off a ghost called Mercy Black She has just been released from a psychiatric asylum and is probably cured, but she is starting to see everything that she would never have thought to see again.The creature becomes a viral success, even her young one nephew is becoming obsessed with this Mercy Black and she must, perhaps for the first time, deal with what she did and the power of this mythical creature. "

Owen Egerton was very happy to be able to team up with Blumhouse for the project Mercy Black . Egerton explains that Jason Blum and he talked about making a film that would work alone without the fears. The director thinks he has managed to succeed, pointing out that the scares are more emotional and related to the characters. In addition, the director talked about the truth as the ultimate element of the horror element in the film. He explains.

"It's filled with scares and surprises and all that I love in horror movies, but some of the most terrifying moments are those where two people argue and where a truth is too difficult to take. "

The goal of Mercy Black is to put the audience uncomfortable. Although some critics are starting to arrive, it is perhaps too early to say how the film is received by horror lovers. However, with the name Blumhouse attached, he's almost already an integrated audience ready to devour every minute of the surprise publication. The film marks the third release of Blumhouse this year, after Glass and Happy Death Day 2U .

Mercy Black . ] aims to take real life elements to create a fairly intense horror film. The real question is whether this succeeds or not and the horror fans will express themselves very soon. Owen Egerton is already actively working on a new screenplay, which he describes as "a bit more of a thriller, with science fiction and dystopian". You can currently listen to Mercy Black on Netflix and you can read the rest of the interview with Egerton on Entertainment Weekly.

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