Netflix Refuses to Cut Controversial Real-Life Accident Footage from Bird Box

Netflix is ​​under fire from critics for using footage of a real fatal accident in . ] Bird Box . However, the streaming platform has announced that it will keep the footage in the movie. The images in question come from the Lac-Mégantic railway disaster in 2013, which left 47 dead and is considered one of the worst railway accidents in Canadian history. The same sequence was used in Netflix's Travelers series, but the production company is looking for a way to remove it.

The sequence of the accident is presented at the beginning of . Bird Box to show the world the chaos that has been purchased from the archive footage provider Pond5, which features millions of video clips including news stories and archival footage. The company issued a statement in which it apologized for the incident and said that it was rare for this to happen. Julie Morin, Mayor of Lac-Mégantic also made a statement. She had this to say.

"I do not know if this is happening all the time, but we are looking to get assurance from Netflix that they will delete them.You can be sure we will continue, and our citizens are on our side. "

In return, Netflix says that it is exploring avenues to ensure that such an incident does not happen again. However, they are not going to delete the images of the train crash in Bird Box . A statement says that they "will keep the clip in the movie". Julie Morin says that the film included in the film is "really a lack of respect, to use these images as fiction and entertainment". Morin is looking for families affected by the tragedy.

The box of birds has aroused a lot of controversy lately. When the film was first introduced, it sparked the challenge Bird Box which immediately became viral. People were shown blindfolded, as they do in the movie, trying to get through the normal daily routines. People were injured and in one case injured others. A teenage girl from Utah decided to take up the challenge while driving her car, which resulted in a collision with another vehicle and a pole. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

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. It's proven to be a huge success for Netflix since it was released late last year. During the first week, the streaming platform announced that it had been streamed to 40 million homes, making it the biggest launch for its original content. Earlier this week, the company issued a letter to shareholders predicting that the film should reach 80 million households in the coming days. Despite the popularity, Bird Box was a source of great discord among fans and critics alike. Anyway, it's one of Netflix's biggest hits. You can read the Netflix statement on AP News.


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