Netflix Snaps All User Reviews Out of Existence

Netflix customers can no longer write or read comments on the content of the streaming platform. Users will need to visit other sites to read reviews of Netflix content. The streaming giant has announced its intention to remove all criticism from platform users last month, and earlier this week they have successfully completed the operation. This decision comes shortly after Netflix got rid of the five-star ranking component, trading it against the fuzzy filing system.

Netflix claims that the user control system has been removed due to a "lack of use", which seems a little sketchy. Before yesterday, subscribers could have seen shows such as Stranger Things and House of Cards which are both originals of Netflix, have been the subject of thousands of critics , going from one glow to another. them apart. While "lack of use" could be the real reason to remove all reviews from the site, others think that there could be another one.

The five-star Netflix rating system has been replaced by a valuation on the right. after the premiere of the latest special show by Amy Schumer. From the beginning, the special was trashed. Many critics came just to sabotage people who did not like Schumer. It is believed that the special attack was being decimated during a coordinated onslaught of trolls online, which could have been the deciding factor to get rid of the five-star rating. Subscribers are still angry at the new system that has been in place for months, but Netflix says the decision was made to make better suggestions to its users.

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Netflix may have conducted surveys of professional research firms to decide whether to keep the user review system and whether subscribers found it useful or not. User reviews are now an integral part of our world. Yelp reviews companies until they decide what to read or watch. Getting rid of user reviews before spending billions of dollars on original content seems a bit suspicious, especially when user reviews are still available everywhere else.

Netflix subscribers will still be able to view user reviews of their original content on sites like Rotten Tomatoes, but they will no longer have the ability to read or write reviews on the site. platform. A quick glance at the ratings of users of the Netflix app on the Apple Store shows many disappointed comments about the disappearance of user-generated reviews and the lack of system classification to five stars. When Netflix originally announced that it was getting rid of user reviews, there was not a lot of reaction, neither positive nor negative, but it seems like it started to change now that they have officially implemented. This news was originally reported, but Variety.


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