Netflix Won’t Lose Disney Movies Permanently or as Soon as Thought

While it's true that Netflix will lose some key Disney titles in the coming months, that does not mean that # They are going to be completely out of the Disney game, and certainly not permanently. As is also the case with other premium content currently hosted on the largest streaming service in the world. Despite a competitive tidal wave, Netflix will still play an important role in video gaming, thanks largely to contracts signed years ago.

In a new, far-reaching report In detailing other studios' attempts to pull their premium Netflix content, it has been revealed that things are not so simple. Disney signed a landmark deal with Netflix several years ago, allowing their most wanted titles to be available on the service shortly after their release on Blu-ray. But with the Disney + streaming service en route, Mouse House recovers their titles Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars . At least for the moment. According to the report, under their current contract, each film released between January 2016 and December 2018 will be on Netflix from around 2026. It seems to be very far away. But the fact that Netflix eventually obtains films such as Black Panther indicates the underlying complexities of the licensing agreements they made long before the other studios realized that streaming was the to come up.

NBCUniversal and AT & T, as well as other media companies that have made deals with Netflix, are some of their most popular shows that have been stuck in years. This includes some of the most-watched shows of the service, such as Riverdale The Walking Dead and Gray's Anatomy . It is not known yet whether Netflix will be able to retain The Office or Friends in the long run. But the bottom line is that these companies simply can not get their best from Netflix's best products. That is going to take time. Maybe years.

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Netflix currently has nearly 150 million subscribers more far than anyone else on the market. Hulu, whom Disney now controls too, is not even close. Meanwhile, WarnerMedia is about to launch its own service later this year, while Apple and Facebook are also making important steps in this direction. In addition, we offer services such as Shudder and The Criterion Channel. The market becomes very crowded and the best way to succeed is to have the most desirable content. As such, it is far less logical for the studios to attribute this content to Netflix in the past.

Disney will launch Disney + in November and will be profiled as a direct competitor of Netflix. It will be cheaper at only $ 6.99 per month and will feature premium content such as The Mandalorian and the live-action film Lady and the Tramp . Disney, like everyone else, wants to keep his best content for himself. Unfortunately for them, this may be easier said than done. Bloomberg had already reported this news.


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