Netflix’s Roma Banned from AMC & Regal Oscar Showcases

Netflix may have won a nomination in the category Best Oscar to Rome ] this year, but they still have problems with the old guard. Roma and AMC Theaters and Regal, two of the largest theaters in the country, are not part of the series. The reason? They do not seem to like that Netflix does not stick to a typical theatrical release window.

For most movies released by a traditional studio, there is a standard 90-day release window for showing movies in theater channels such as AMC or Regal. Netflix, however, has never released any of their movies in theaters and, when they do, it's for very limited projects, mainly to qualify for prizes. Although they gave a theatrical boost greater than normal for the film Roma of the director Alfonso Cuaron, they still did not meet the expectations of these channels. AMC had this to say in a statement.

"For more than a decade, moviegoers have taken advantage of the best showcase of the AMC to get up to date with the nominated films that have been presented to the AMC throughout The year before This year Academy members have nominated a film that has never been approved by AMC in our theaters, so it's not included in the showcase of the best film in the world. the AMC. "

The Seven Other Nominees of the movie Best Film, Including Black Panther Bohemian Rhapsody Green Book Vice BlaKKKlansman of Star Island [1] and The Favorite will be included in the displays of AMC and Regal. Regal did not approach the problem as directly. Instead, they simply chose not to register Roma in the announcement of their best film festival, which will run from February 15 to 24, and that Regal's CEO, Ken Thewes, will avoid him completely in his statement

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"We celebrate with the Academy the most acclaimed films that have played at Regal Theaters in In 2018, we are delighted to give moviegoers the opportunity to review these nominations on the big screen at the Best Picture Film Festiva. Plus, when the members of our Regal Crown Club attend the festival, they will be eligible for the Red Carpet Dreams Sweepstakes, sending a winner to the 2020 Oscars experience on the 2020 Oscars red carpet. "

Cinemark will not be presented no more Roma but that was not the case. been confirmed by the chain. Netflix would also have offered AMC, Regal and Cinemark the opportunity to play Roma on its official release date, but they refused because they could not have a traditional theatrical window. . Other specialty channels, like Alamo Drafthouse, watched the film before the Oscar nominations.

Despite this lie, Roma is leading the pack this year with a total of ten Oscar nominations, which is tied with The Favorite for the greatest number. It's a shame that some moviegoers can not see it in almost as many theaters in the next month. The 91st Annual Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, February 24th. This news has been reported for the first time by Deadline.


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