Netflix’s Thunder Force Teams Melissa McCarthy & Octavia Spencer as Superheroes

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are on the verge of becoming superheroes. The actresses are in talks with Netflix to play in the next project Thunder Force where the duo would apparently be a superhero. McCarthy's longtime husband and collaborator, Ben Falcone, wrote the screenplay and will lead the project. The details of the story are kept secret, but it is thought that McCarthy and Spencer will somehow get super powers. As for what they do with them or who they are, it is not clear at the moment.

Netflix recently stopped working with Marvel and is looking to improve his superhero content. The streaming platform recently published Umbrella Academy Season 1 and is already preparing for the start of season 2. In addition, they signed Mark Millar, the creator of Kingsman and Kick-Ass to a new agreement that could also give rise to more superhero content. While the details around Thunder Force are rare at the present time, it is thought that it will be a super comedy -heros, which is perfectly logical.

] Thunder Force will be produced by Marc Platt, Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy, who has just been awarded an Academy Award nomination for his performance of Lee Israel in Will you ever forgive me? Octavia Spencer has already won an Oscar for The Help and is currently enjoying the success of the Green Book which earned her the Best Film Award, of which she was Executive Producer. Spencer was also nominated for his work in Hidden Figures and The Shape of Water . Thunder Force is going to have behind him a superpower acting, that's for sure.

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone have already collaborated on Tammy ] The Leader and The Life of the Party . Their next comedy, Superintelligence stars McCarthy alongside Brian Tyree Henry, Bobby Cannavale and James Corden. The film should be released in theaters at the end of this year. Octavia Spencer will then be seen on the big screen in the psychological thriller of horror Ma which begins on May 31. The film also stars Juliette Lewis, Diana Silvers, Luke Evans and McKaley Miller. Spencer and McCarthy are certainly not afraid to spread their wings and try new things and Thunder Force will probably be something radically different to both.

Thunder Force could become a huge success for Netflix. Having Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer on board is a big problem and just thinking of them as superheroes is enough to convince many people to check it out. There is currently no production start time or official release date. That being said, we can easily see the project going into production this summer or possibly later this year for a release date in 2020. This is a story under development and more The Thunder Force News should soon fall. The deadline was the first to announce the news of the superheroes of Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy.


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