New Angry Birds Movie 2 Trailer Unites Pigs and Birds for the Ultimate Fight

We have a brand new trailer for Angry Birds 2 . Video game movies are a tough egg to crack. They are rarely good and almost never great. With The Angry Birds Movie, although many adult moviegoers did not let themselves be seduced, Sony has managed to make a decent adaptation, or at least innocuous, a video game that has finally been successful. As such, we will have a sequel later this summer and we will have a fresh look at what awaits us in the form of this new trailer, which seems to be pretty much the same thing.

The trailer begins with a brief recap of what happened before, while presenting what our main characters are doing nowadays: cow milking very quickly and speed dating. We then come to the heart of the problem, which implies that birds and pigs must form an improbable and uncomfortable alliance in the face of the emergence of a new threat. This leads to a montage of action, to jokes about the fact that they do not hear and to a lot of wacky humor.

The previous cast includes Jason Sudeikis ( We are the Millerers ), in Red, Josh Gad ( Beauty and the Beast ) as Chuck, Bill Hader ( Barry ) as Leonard, Danny McBride ( Alien: Covenant ) as Bomb and Peter Dinklage ( Game of Thrones ) Powerful eagle. Sterling K. Brown ( This Is Us ), Rachel Bloom ( Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ), Eugenio Derbez ( At the Sea ), Zach Woods ( ] of Silicon Valley ), of Awkwafina ( of Asiatic Rich Folks ), Lil Rel Howery ( to go out ), Dove Cameron ( The Descendants ]), Beck Bennett ( Brigsby Bear ) and Brooklynn Prince ( of the Florida Project ). Leslie Jones ( Saturday Night Live ) is the main villain of the film. Unfortunately, we do not like what Jones will do in this new trailer.

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The Angry Birds Movie 2 is centered on a new emerging threat, endangering both Bird and Pig Island. As a result, Red, Chuck, Bomb and Mighty Eagle recruit Silver (Rachel Bloom), Chuck's sister, and form a difficult alliance with pigs Leonard, his assistant Courtney (Awkwafina) and the techpig Garry (Sterling K. Brown). This unlikely group of heroes will have to find a way to work together to save their homes. Thurop Van Orman of Adventure Time and John Rice of King of the Hill co-direct the sequel.

Peter Ackerman ( The Ice Age ) writes the script. Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly directed the first film and, for some reason, did not return. The movie Angry Birds, released in 2016, has reported $ 352 million worldwide with a budget of $ 73 million. This made it a solid success, which paved the way for the future. The film Angry Birds 2 is due to be released on August 16th. Do not miss the brand new trailer for the Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube channel below.

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