New Movies on Netflix (February 2019)

Netflix offers this February some credible titles, such as The Virgin of 40 years The King of the Drac and ] Pretty In Pink to name a few. There are also original titles that feature the highly discussed works on Velvet Buzzsaw and High Flying Bird . It is sometimes difficult to choose what to look at and this list is intended to make choosing a little easier.

Rather than listing all new Netflix movies in the next 28 days, we have summarized them for the best new titles. . There are movies you have to see. At the same time, it will be mentioned that you are going to make a difficult pass.

This list is primarily intended to facilitate the viewing of movies on Netflix. Of course, it's great to have thousands of movies at your fingertips. At the same time, the embarrassment of wealth can often leave users unwilling to commit to a title for fear of missing something else. Erase your calendar and get ready to watch movies you can not see anywhere other than Netflix. At a time when the global box office is rising due to the high price of tickets, it's nice to have a high quality content broadcast venue for under $ 15 a month. One thing is certain, of the 12 titles in this list, you will inevitably find more than a few things to watch.

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<p> Roger Corman <em>] A bucket of blood </em> was a revelation of the art world.He made fun of the claim and the serious nature of "artists" <em> Velvet Buzzsaw </em> did not make fun of that Jake Gyllenhaal is a star of this movie that sees a bunch of paintings come off an artist that nobody knew that It had never existed, suddenly it chews it, spits it, then regurgitates it., The people who exchanged trade for art are inflicted a very bloody blow by a supernatural entity As an entity, Gyllenhaal is aided and abetted by Toni Collette, John Malkovich and Re do Russo in one of the most original movies ever made by Netflix. </p>
<h2> About a Boy (Streaming on February 1) </h2>
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