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As we complete what happened on Disney Plus in January 2020, it's time to prepare for the future. Disney's streaming service has a lot to offer in February with some safe titles like The Lion King (2019) returns to the streamer and new episodes of original shows like Journal of a future president Sundays of the Disney family and Marvel hero project . Some of the most anticipated debuts in February include Lamp Life a short film from Toy Story which features Woody and Bo Peep, the first feature film from Timmy Failure: Mistakes and of course the brand new episode of the new renaissance Star Wars: The Clone Wars . Don't have Disney + yet? You can register now.

On Disney + Tuesday January 28

 The Lion King 2019 on Disney Plus January 2020

On Disney + Friday January 31

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  • Diary of a future president – Episode 103 – "Disaster relief"

To try to find his "reason for & # 39; to be ", Elena is trying to become a captain of the Orange Bay Middle hurricane watch. Bobby is preparing to go to "Miami Second Base" with the new crush Monyca-with-a-Y. Gabi is thrilled to have her first real date with Sam, but family obligations continue to be an obstacle.

  • Disney Family Sundays – Episode 113 – "Tangled: Paper Lanterns"

The Wulf family lights up when she helps host Amber Kemp-Gerstel on a Disney-inspired craft Tangled .

Bo Peep makes a comeback in Disney and Pixar Toy Story 4 and leads the way in Pixar's brand new animated short, Lamp Life . Lamp Life answers the question of what has happened to Bo since the last time we saw her in Toy Story 2. Join Woody and Giggle McDimples as Bo tells about his crazy adventures. The film is broadcast exclusively on Disney +.

  • Marvel & # 39; s Hero Project – Episode 113 – "Soaring Seamus"

Seamus wants to give back to those who serve them men and women who are ready to risk everything to secure his freedom. He created a fundraising organization that taps into his love of rock climbing to raise money for the families of fallen and injured soldiers, so they can continue to climb towards their own dreams. Seamus is already a hero, but now he's about to become a Marvel superhero.

 One day at Disney on Disney Plus January 2020
  • One day at Disney – Episode 109 – "Rob Richards: El Capitan Organist"

Rob Richards takes us on a historic journey from the mighty Wurlitzer organ to the El Capitan Theater. It was his ambition to always play Wurlitzer for Disney, and after years of perfecting his art in pizzerias in the United States, Richards fulfilled his mission to present the Disney canon to the public in one whole new way.

On Disney + Saturday February 1

  • Around the world in 80 days
  • Big Business
  • The Sandlot (Return of the title)
  • Wicked Tuna (Season 1-2)

At Disney + Sunday February 2

On Disney + Wednesday February 5

On Disney + Friday February 7

 Diary of a future president on Disney Plus February 2020
  • Journal of & # 39; a future president – Episod e 104 – "The National Mall"

In an effort to stop waiting for femininity to come to them, Elena and Sasha move away from their usual stores in the mall for banned Intimates & More – which leads Elena to become an accidental criminal. Bobby's friends kick to try to help Bobby spend more time alone with Monyca. Gabi tries to prove to her boss that she is perfect for the new case at work.

Media kit

  • Sundays of the Disney family – Episode 114 – "Jouet" Story: Toy Bins "

The Freeman family joined the host Amber Kemp-Gerstel for a craft inspired by Pixar films Toy Story .

 Marvel & # 39; s Hero Project on Disney Plus February 2020
  • • [ Marvel & # 39; s Hero Project – Episode 114 – "Dynamic Danielle"

After a trip to California to build a house for a family in Mexico, Daniella decided that she should continue to build in. She spent her time raising funds for materials and travel expenses to build more homes, with more than one he dozen families directly benefit from his efforts. She is also a leader, inspiring other young people to follow in her footsteps. Now Marvel recognizes her as a real superhero.

 One day at Disney on Disney Plus February 2020
  • One day at Disney – Episode 110 – "Grace Lee: Storybook Artist"

Grace Lee from Disney Publishing Worldwide offers an intimate look at the world of illustration and storytelling. Lee's interest in the power of images began at an early age and inspired her to work in the visual arts. Grace now spends her days collaborating with filmmakers and other creatives to extend Disney's most beloved stories from screen to book.

 Timmy's failure: mistakes were made on Disney Plus February 2020
  • Timmy's failure: mistakes were made – First

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Tom McCarthy, Disney + Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made based on the bestseller of the same name, follows the hilarious exploits of our Timmy Failure, quirky and impassive hero, who, along with his polar bear partner 1,500 pounds, Total, operates Total Failure Inc., a detective agency in Portland.

On Disney + Sunday February 9

On Disney + Friday February 14

  • My dog, the thief
  • Splash
  • Because of Winn-Dixie
  • Diary of a Future President – Episode 105 – "Whistleblower"

When Elena learns that her school mascot honors a man with a horrible past, she makes it a point to change the mascot. Bobby struggles with his legacy when a member of the opposing team laughs at him for the way his name is spelled. Gabi tries to find a balance between professional and private life between a business on which she is delighted to work and a boss who has no borders.

 Fairytale weddings from Disney on Disney Plus February 2020
  • Disney Fairy Tale Weddings – First – Episode 201 – "Marching Down the Aisle"

an underwater proposition for his girlfriend Megan, David secretly travels to Hawaii, where a special artist completes the fairy tale. Passionate fans of the State of Ohio receive a wedding gift that blows their hearts.

  • Sundays of the Disney family – Episode 115 – "The princess and the frog: Lily Pads"

The host Amber Kemp-Gerstel and the Wulfs build a Disney-inspired craft The Princess and the Frog .

  • Marvel & # 39; s Hero Project – Episode 115 – "Roving Robbie"

Robbie has a strong connection to nature, and through his journey through the 129 national monuments of America, he realized that they must be protected. He has created a virtual reality tour of these monuments and is going to schools to share the technology. By transporting the next generation to these special places, he hopes to instill meaning in their protection for the future.

] One day at Disney Kristina Dewberry: Responsible for the construction of & # 39; imagination on Disney Plus February 2020
  • One day at Disney – Episode 111 – "Kristina Dewberry: director of construction for # 39; imagination "

Kristina Dewberry, construction manager for Walt Disney Imagineering, is putting the finishing touches on Star Wars: Galaxy & # 39; s Edge at Disneyland. After 10 years of working in the company, the new immersive land has been a labor of love for this actor who loves star wars.

On Disney + Sunday February 16

  • Iron Man & Hulk of Marvel: Heroes United

On Disney + Thursday February 20

  • Marvel Rising: Operation Shuri
  • Marvel Rising: playing with fire

On Disney + Friday February 21

  • My dog, the thief
  • Diary of a future president – Episode 106 – "Habeas Corpus"

When Elena obtains detention, she discovers a new group of children who are much more than their reputation. Bobby is impatient to watch a cult classic with his pals, but he is surprised when the film forces him to reveal an aspect of his life that he was not ready to share. Meanwhile, Gabi is disappointed to have lost a major business to a larger company, only to be greatly encouraged by Sam.

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  • Disney & # 39; s Fairy Tale Weddings – Episode 202 – "Alaska to marry"

In an elaborate proposition, Jesse surprises his girlfriend Alyssa with lots of ice on top of a glacier. Kylee and Ty celebrate their wedding in front of Cinderella's castle with the award-winning country star Chris Janson and a pretty impressive dance!

  • Sundays of the Disney family – Episode 116 – "Aristocats: Headbands"

The ladies of Pyle-Lawrence join the ; host Amber Kemp-Gerstel for a profession inspired by Disney aristocats .

  • Marvel & # 39; s Hero Project – Episode 116 – "Genesis The Amazing Animal Ally"

Genesis is a strong advocate for care and guarding all kinds of creatures, and his activism inspires others to follow his example. She spends her time volunteering to help protect all kinds of animals, ensuring they have a safe environment and receiving care when they are injured. Now Marvel recognizes her compassion and service when she becomes a member of the Marvel & # 39; s Hero Project .

  • One Day At Disney – Episode 112 – "Vince Caro: Pixar Recording Engineer"

Vince Caro, senior recording and mixing engineer at Pixar animation studios, captures the magic of sound in Pixar movies. Working with some of the most dynamic directors and actors in animation, Vince's work is simply fascinating. By recording voiceover, sound effects, music and more, Caro is responsible for bringing images to life with sound.

] Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 on Disney Plus February 2020

Captain Rex and the Bad Batch must infiltrate an enemy base on Anaxes.

On Disney + Tuesday February 25

  • Star Wars Resistance (Season 2)

On Disney + Friday February 28

  • I captured the elf king
  • Imagination is moving (Season 1- 3)
  • Marvel & # 39; s Future Avengers (Season 1)
  • Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars
  • Diary of a Future President – Episode 107 – "External Relations"

Elena desperately wants to go to her first college dance with Joey, only to find out that He prefers to go with an eighth grade girl. Bobby and Liam travel to Jupiter to participate in a tennis tournament, but find their plans thwarted. Gabi is finally ready to give the last of her late husband's possessions, but her feelings change when she finds an old memory.

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  • Disney & # 39; s Fairy Tale Weddings – Episode 203 – "A flashy proposition"

Billy goes to great lengths to ask his girlfriend the question with a musical flash mob at Disneyland. Jordan and Matthew celebrate their Italian roots at their wedding with a serenade of opera sensation Jackie Evancho.

  • Sundays of the Disney family – Episode 117 – "Lion King: Paint For Artwork"

The green family is impatient to do part of this ship inspired by the "Lion King".

  • Marvel & # 39; s Hero Project – Episode 117 – "Superior Salvador"

Salvador knew he was there One of the lucky people from Puerto Rico whose power was not terribly affected by Hurricane Maria, but he couldn't understand why it was taking so long to help those who weren't as fortunate. So he implemented a plan to raise funds to buy and distribute solar lights to families on the island who still live in darkness. For these heroic acts, he's a real Marvel superhero.

  • One day at Disney – Episode 113- "Lupe de Santiago: Dressmaker"

Dressmaker at Disneyland Resort , Lupe de Santiago sees his work as a passion rather than a job. Lupe realizes his dream of working at the park by creating and keeping all of the costumes for attractions like It & # 39; s a Small World and The Haunted Mansion. Lupe stands at a level of perfection as she strives to preserve the legacy of the iconic seamstress troop of Disneyland Resort.

 Workshop class on Disney Plus February 2020
  • Workshop class – First series – Episode 101 – "Trou- In-Won"

A new series of competitions featuring teams of young builders, responsible for designing, building and testing unique creations. In each episode, a panel of experts will assess and test their work based on the creativity of the design and the creation of features. In the final episode, a team will be named Fields "Shop Class". Teams must design and build their own mini-golf holes.

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Episode 702 – "A Distant Echo"

Anakin Skywalker, Rex and the Bad Batch make a shocking discovery on Skako Minor.

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