New Predator Whiskey Will Get You to the Chopper a Lot Quicker

Fans of the original 1987 Predator can now drink whiskey. on the iconic sci-fi movie. Silver Screen Bottling Company and Fox Studios have collaborated to bring the new whiskey to fans, called Dutch Bourbon Whiskey. The name obviously refers to the main character of the film, Alan “Dutch” Schaefer, Captain Alan Schwarzenegger, and the bottle contains a helicopter in flight with the target of Predator . The famous Dutch line “Get to the Chopper” is printed under the image.

The Predator A bottle of whiskey carrying even a tiny image of the mask of the character of the title. The official site of the alcoholic drink plays on the images of the film and refers to dialogues to describe the pronounced taste of the bottle. For fans of Predator who want to know what this drink consists of, you can read the description below.

“Soon, the hunt will begin.Here is the Dutch Whiskey, worthy of a man on a mission with a bold taste for adventure that has no time to bleed. whiskey will do more than cover you with mud, it will take you to a new level with its flavor and full-bodied notes of vanilla, coconut and bergamont. “

Whiskey Predator is not available, but the official website accepts pre-orders for $ 34.99. The bottle is pretty cool, even if you do not drink what’s in it, but will the fans be willing to spend that money on a fancy whiskey? We will have to wait and see, but that seems promising at the moment. Silver Screen Bottling Company had already purchased alcohol for Star Trek and the Fallout video game series.

The bottle of whiskey Predator invites us to buy them. for the helicopter, but it’s not a good idea to run heavy machinery after drinking an alcoholic beverage. So, stay away from helicopters (and cars) if you decide to pre-order Dutch whiskey. Instead, hit the couch with a glass and light up Predator to watch one of the greatest movies of all time. Then, if you feel good, take a look at Shane Black’s The Predator which has just been released in Blu-ray. ray in time for the holidays. [1945]

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At the Holiday Time, One predator predator ] a short vacation film was recently released to celebrate the Blu-ray disc release of The Predator . The elves and reindeer of Santa Claus are systematically hunted by a predator and things get rather bloody before the tables turn around. This is well worth it and could even be better than the movie itself. If you want to get your hands on whiskey Predator you can go to Dutch Whiskey to reserve your bottle. While you wait, you can drink any other type of whiskey while watching a movie from the franchise Predator or maybe even have the guts to do it. write your own scenario for a future.


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