New Shazam Trailer Description Includes Big Tribute to Superman?

Someone apparently saw the new trailer Shazam! to debut this month. And unsurprisingly, it will contain a great tribute to the steel man himself, Superman. A description of the full trailer has been published online, offering fans a taste of what they can expect to see in the next feature film.

Aquaman is a huge success for Warner Bros. and the DCEU in general, with the film exceeding Batman V Superman at the global box office. DC Films hopes to continue its momentum with Shazam which will be released in theaters on April 3rd. We have not seen much of the film since the first film premiered at Comic-Con this summer. Now this is about to change drastically.

If you want to come see the brand new Shazam trailer with a fresh look, then you may want to avoid the rest of what I’m talking about. to say, because there will certainly be spoilers. Some occasions have taken place since the first look in San Diego, so we will be treated differently from what we saw the first time.

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The New Trailer Shows Billy Batson Having Dinner With His Host Family . Victor Vazquez, portrayed by Cooper Andres, tells everyone that a hero at once strong and kicking appeared in the Philadelphia area. This brings us back to the montage of the best moments we saw in the original teaser, before the logos of WB, New Line and DC scroll triumphantly on the screen.

The action then returns to the scene of the dinner table, where we meet. Darla Dudley and Pedro Pena. The kids really try Shazam’s colorful costume and make fun of the new hero. Things go from the wizard’s first trailer from the first trailer, and Billy is again seen recovering his super powers.

Freddy and Billy have a scene in which they think about the names of superheroes, but each name is a big failure that falls intentionally. dish for laughing. Billy is then seen trying to climb over the clouds. That’s where the big Superman moment comes in. Billy falls at a fast speed. Turning in the air, he imitates his favorite DC superhero, channeling the steel man into an iconic moment. Billy surprises himself before hitting the ground and it is here that Shazam learns that he can really fly.

Shortly after, Mark Strong makes his expected arrival as the famous evil Shazam, Dr. Sivana. There is a scene of heroes and villains fighting in the air. This moment is interspersed with two kids playing with their Superman and Batman figures. While Bats and Supes throw plastic blows, we see Shazam and Sivana do the same in real life. The kid with the Superman toy hums John Williams’ iconic theme from the 1978 film, continuing to pay tribute to Clark Kent’s alter ego. This is what is called the nail of the trailer.

A second montage of scenes from the comic-con trailer is played. This leads to a scene where Freddy and Shazam are in a real estate agency. They are looking for a “hangout” and wish to know if there are “castles” in the vicinity. Preferably with a mote. The new trailer ends with Billy’s host family confronts him about Shazam’s true identity. It’s interspersed with intense action scenes.

Just before the logo is removed, Dr. Sivana asks Shazam how old he really is. Billy answers with “Wholesale 15”. This is followed by a shot of Billy turning into Shazam after jumping from a large building in one bound. After the logo comes the stinger for which most fans will be hungry. It makes a great tribute to this classic Tom Hanks comedy of 1988. Sivana and Shazam are fighting in a toy store. Billy throws a big Batman figure on the villain. He misses with a perfectly timed joke time. Then we see Shazam landing on a large-scale piano while the two continue to fight.

Warner Bros. and DC did not announce the moment when the trailer Shazam! This is a great start, but it should not be too long now. With regard to the COW heroes, it seems like everything will be in the form of a figurine. This latest news comes from Super Bros Movies.


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