New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie Coming from Evil Dead Remake Director

The situation is even more interesting on the front of Texas Chainsaw Massacre . The franchise has been silent for two years, but things have apparently warmed up behind the scenes, as Legendary Pictures reportedly reached an agreement to produce new entries in the long series of horror. In addition, Fede Alvarez was asked by the studio to produce a new film in the franchise, which is under development.

Before digging, this goes back to last year's reports that Legendary was seeking rights to the franchise, which went back to the writer / producer of the 1974 Tobe Hooper classic, Kim Henkel, following the publication of the failed prologue Leatherface . Now, according to a new report, Legendary has in fact quietly entered into the contract and is actively seeking to put the horror icon back into its murderous habits on the big screen, one of the most exciting voices in the world. Modern horror being associated with the project.

The details are thin, but it is said that Fede Alvarez, the director behind the remake of Evil Dead and did not Breathe will produce the new entry . This is not what we look like Alvarez would do. It is said that he is looking for a director to involve. The most interesting part of the report is that the plan could be to make this film a direct sequel to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. However, he is warned that this has not materialized and that plans are still being developed. That said, adopting this approach would make a lot of sense, and it is clearly indicated, at their option, that Legendary and Alvarez could accomplish such a thing.

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In 2018 Halloween was the direct sequel to John Carpenter's classic 1978 film. He ignored all previous suites of the franchise so that director David Gordon Green can enter with perfect continuity and create a much better story. In the end, it paid off as critics and the public both responded, resulting in a $ 255 million loss at the box office. Two Suites, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends are in progress. It's easy to see how Legendary could see this and try to reflect such success with Leatherface.

Just like Halloween this franchise has several suites of varying quality. The bottom line is that continuity, at best, is messy. The last entry of the original series was that of 1995 Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The new generation, before the series was reset with a remake in 2003. This led to , oddly enough, to a couple of prequels in Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning and Leatherface that was much criticized and did very little business . In the end, this is what has paved the way for the conclusion of this agreement with Legendary. Whether it's a direct sequel to Tobe Hooper's classic, or something else, this project seems to be taking shape. We will keep you informed as soon as all details are available. This news comes to us via Bloody Disgusting.


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