Nicolas Cage Claims He Was Too Drunk to Understand His Wedding in Annulment Filing

Nicolas Cage was "too drunk" to get married when he pressed the Trigger to say yes to Erika Koike Vegas just four days ago. His lawyers filed annulment claims that he and his ex-wife Koike were both intoxicated, which made him fail to "understand what he had done in his life." marrying [Koike] to the point that he was unable to accept the marriage. "

Cage, the waste that occurred during the wedding was quite obvious in a video of the event that surfaced, showing the actor donning a Sid Vicious patch on the back of his black jacket and strongly and strangely accusing his future ex-wife. Before getting the marriage license, Cage started shouting that Koike's "boyfriend" was a drug dealer, and then out loud that "he does not do it", which means that he does not do not go to the wedding ceremony. Liquor was right in the actor Mandy and he ended up getting married that night in Vegas.

Someone who was there said that the couple had approached a machine that was distributing licenses in which Cage was getting noisy. he shouted "she'll take all my money" and "her ex is a drug addict, her ex is a drug addict" "Keeping her cool throughout the seemingly uncomfortable ordeal Erica, the future ex-wife, continued to give an exit to Nicolas saying: "I do not ask you to do it."

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The drunkard Nicolas Cage, who is starring in a new martial arts film about the alien invasion titled Jiu Jitsu, was setting up a scene such that he and his wife were led into a private room where they filled papers privately, leaving the courthouse with all that was legal.

Now the actor from Face Off wants everything to be legally void. in the last depot, Cage claims that his girlfriend Koike did not "disclose to [Cage] all the nature and t the extent of its relationship with another person "and did not inform her of her" criminal history ", including" new active criminal proceedings ". & # 39 ;.

The Actor The National Treasure says that getting married was a mistake. The woman who spent the four-day mini-wedding with him is totally in agreement. She does not fight against the cancellation. Cage is married several times before crossing the last dive. He was, for example, married briefly to Lisa Marie Presley, the only daughter of Elvis, in 2002. This marriage lasted three months before the couple left him,

Anyone who vaguely knows The Vampire Kiss The story of the actors will probably not be surprised by the eccentric actions of recent times. At one point, Cage owned 15 homes, including a $ 25 million waterfront home in Newport Beach, California, a $ 15.7 million country estate in Newport, Rhode Island, and $ 8.5 million residency in Las Vegas. Other properties include a cottage in Aspen, Colorado, and residences in San Francisco, New York and Venice Beach.

Regarding his future, Cage says he has kicked Koike out of his current home and that he has "made arrangements" for her to stay elsewhere. This news comes from The Blast.


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