Nightmare Before Christmas Live-Action Remake May Happen, But Should It?

Disney would be developing The Nightmare Before Christmas or a Nightmare Movie before Christmas try to make a sequel. A sequel after all these years later does not really make sense, but Disney is working on the actual action movie in recent years with several classic animation films. 2019 will see the liberation of Dumbo Aladdin and of the Lion King who are all hailed as remakes of real action. That being said, The Lion King will be primarily a CGI affair.

According to sources close to Disney, The nightmare before Christmas . The live-action movie is under development. The beloved animation film in stop-motion has only grown in popularity over the years. The classic produced by Tim Burton has a huge cult and this seems like a no-brainer for Disney to try to revisit the film, but how will it work logistically? Part of the charm is the style in which the original was created and one has to wonder how Disney would consider making it a real action movie.

It seems almost impossible to capture Halloween Town's atmosphere with practical effects and CGI. Using digital effects would surely be considered a step forward compared to the tedious time-consuming animation that is known for . The nightmare before Christmas . However, Disney is wreaking havoc with all its remakes and revisiting Halloween Town would no doubt be a huge box office success. It's hard to know how the studio will produce a remake of something that still looks as alive and original as in 1993.

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If these sources prove correct, it seems that a sequel would be a better option than a remake. Even then, hardcore fans would be more than likely skeptical about the idea of ​​a sequel, perhaps even more than attempting a live version of the now iconic story. However, taking over a stop-motion animation project seems like a better atmosphere for Jack Skellington and his team. Hope that further news regarding the project will be published in the coming weeks.

Even using hyper-realistic CGI technology used by Disney with the remake of the Lion King seems not to be. be almost as cool as the original stop-motion animation. That remains to be seen, and if anyone can attempt to achieve this bold initiative, it is Disney. Whether the hardcore fans are on board or not is another argument. This news comes from anonymous sources, so it must be treated as a rumor at the moment, although the remake of the actual action seems inevitable at the present time. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what Disney decides to do with Jack Skellington's classic debut. The nightmare before Christmas The first news was reported by Movie Hole.


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