Nightmare Cinema Trailer #2 Invites You to a Very Scary Night at the Movies

We have a new trailer for the upcoming horror horror film The Nightmare cinema . The horror story is dotted with great anthologies of horror, such as Creepshow Trick & rs Treat and Tales From the Hood . It is now a tour of the festival and it is almost time for the project to make its way into the world this summer. As such, the studio decided to drop this new trailer starring Mickey Rourke ( The Wrestler Spun ) harboring unsuspecting victims in this twisted world. It's a lot to deal with.

The trailer itself establishes the connective tissue existing between all these segments. Mickey Rourke, a former Hollywood heavyweight and Oscar nominee, is a frightening theater projectionist who guides these poor souls through these various horrors. We have an overview of each segment, but not enough to really understand what one of them is. Many striking images. Someone about to undergo surgery can only assume that everything will be fine, scary nuns, body dysmorphism. There is a lot going on in a short time. Almost too much, arguably, in the interest of a trailer. Rourke punctuates everything with a line worthy of someone's stature of his character.

"Welcome to my nightmare" five strangers attracted by an abandoned theater and forced to watch their deepest and darkest fears unfold before them on the screen. A man nicknamed simply "the projectionist" hides in the shadow of this theater. He attacks their souls with his vast collection of disturbing films that he has acquired over the years. The characters discover that there are terrifying parallels in their own lives to every film that turns.

The big problem with this film is that five quite remarkable horror directors have all contributed to segments. This includes Mick Garris ( The Stand Riding the Bullet ), Joe Dante ( Gremlins The Howling ), David Slade ( 30 days of night Hard candy ), Ryuhei Kitamura ( against the midnight meat train ) and Alejandro Brugues ( Juan des dead The ABC of Death 2 ). The different segments are entitled The thing in the woods Mirari Mashit This Way to Egress and and . Dead . ]. The cast includes Annabeth Gish ( Mystic Pizza ), Elizabeth Reaser ( Twilight ), Maurice Benard ( from the General Hospital ), Richard Chamberlain () of the General Hospital ), Sarah Elizabeth Withers ( Play Play and Zarah Mahler ( Great Crimes ).

In addition to the trailer, the studio has also released a rather disturbing poster, with one of the hideous beings we will encounter along the way. "Until now, the critics who watched the film were very nice with this movie, which shows an 88% approval rate on Rotten Tomatoes, with 16 Critics counted. June 21, Nightmare Cinema should be released in select theaters and on-demand platforms Do not miss the new Crank trailer and poster ed Up Movies below.

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