Noomi Rapace Delivers a Savage Beatdown

Noomi Rapace becomes a true star of Netflix's Thriller, Close . She shoots, stabs and beats bad guys like an estrogen version of Jason Bourne. Raptor plays a veteran bodyguard protecting a rich teenager. Close advances at a steady pace without any shortage of bullets or blows. The script attempts minor intrigues, but details of the plot are lost in the crash.

Close Security guard Sam Carlson (Noomi Rapace) is a little less well off after a close fight. scratching in the Middle East. She offered money quickly to keep a wealthy teenager for a week in Morocco. Zoe (Sophie Nélisse) is the daughter of a recently deceased mines mogul. She constantly quarrels with her mother-in-law (Indira Varma), who is furious that the belligerent girl inherits her father's actions in their company.

Initially, Sam is neglected by the victim. The girl changes her music when mysterious assailants infiltrate the fortified house of the family. Sam must be able to rely on all his skills and courage to keep Zoe alive. The couple tries to find out who wants their death and where the true loyalty of his mother-in-law really lies. Sam's relationship with Zoe reminds us of his damaged past.

Close is directed by Vicky Jewson and co-authored with Rupert Whitaker. The same team produced 2014 Born of War where a girl discovers her terrorist past. Jewson continues on a similar track. She infuses her heroines Close with steel resolution into a world of ruthless men. Female characters are constantly brutalized, but are never subject to submission. The film is not an exercise of feminine power. But men who try to attack them are absolutely right. Sam and Zoe fight at all costs for their lives. The savagery of survival is a striking aspect of this film.

Noomi Rapace has an impressive presence on screen in all roles. She gets a foot ass here as a necessity. Although the plot behind the kidnapping is mediocre, Rapace completely claims his character's belief. She is not a happy killing machine. Close Sam is continually shaken by his violent actions. Her real emotional response reinforces Zoe's resolution in the key scenes. Sophie Nelisse, grandie of The thief of books goes from terrified to resolute in the apogee. The chemistry between female derivations prevents Close from being stupid.

The choreography of the fight scene is well done. Raptor does not overthrow people or make crazy martial arts moves. The punches are tight, raw and bloody. Sam makes good use of the tool that is in his environment. The gun game is just as visceral. Rapace looks like a pro with automatic weapons and handguns. His skills are those of a veteran fighter. A beautiful sentence in the film reproaches a colleague for not being reliable in the field. Rapacious does the job as quickly and efficiently as possible. I liked that nothing of the action goes too far. Fortunately, she is not an army of women.

Netflix will publish Close worldwide on January 18. He's a better player than average with a fantastic star. Noomi Rapace has already played in Bright and . What happened on Monday for the streaming giant. She certainly did well with Netflix. I have the impression that we will see a sequel for Close . Who would not want Noomi Rapace as a bodyguard?


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