Noomi Rapace Is a Kickass Bodyguard in Netflix’s Close Trailer

2019 will be the longest year to date regarding the original Netflix movies and TV series, and they’re starting the new year with shine literally. We have today the first trailer and poster for the action thriller Close with Naomi Rapace, which will be released exclusively on the premium streaming service this month- this.

] Close wasted no time in showing off his first trailer at the beginning, the hard-hitting drama arriving on Netflix in the next two weeks, making his debut on Friday, January 18th. The window between the moment they present their next most important version and the date it actually arrives, shrinks from minute to minute, to soothe the culture of “must have it now” that they have helped create.

Close is a thriller of tremendous adrenaline action written and directed by Vicky Jewson ( Born of War ) . The drama is inspired by the life of the greatest bodyguard in the world, Jacquie Davis. The film stars Noomi Rapace as Sam, a war zone-trained counter-terrorism expert, who assumes the task of protecting Zoe (Sophie Nelisse), a young and wealthy heiress, who works for her as a babysitter. But a violent attempt to kidnap forces the two men to flee. Now they must take lives or lose theirs.

Director Vicky Jewson made her debut as a director in 2008 with the horror novel Lady Godiva at just 21 years old. She then followed the drama torn apart by the war Born of War . Close will be his third feature film, after writing or collaborating on all the scripts of his previous films. She also works on the television series Crumbs .

The History of Close is a fictional tale of the real bodyguard Jacquie Davis. JK Rowling, Nicole Kidman and members of the British Royal Family are some of her most prominent clients. Davis has been a consultant on the film and has worked closely with Rapace to bring it to life on the screen. Raptor told Entertainment Weekly about his work with the bodyguard in the film, formed in London with The Circuit, a British organization for close protection officers.

“I’ve always been fascinated by bodyguards.” They were obsessed with their world and their ability to lead people, to blend in with the spirit and take no place. They are behind you or in front of you, but they walk with you, it’s almost like a very intriguing dance, a kind of hidden and secret world. “

Noomi Rapace has made a name for himself the whole world when she played the role of Lisbeth Salander in the original trilogy “Girl with the Dragon” . She has played several important roles in Hollywood movies, including the Alien suite Prometheus and Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows in front of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. She says this about her new character Sam.

[She] would die for the people she protects, but she also has a lot of ghosts of her past with whom she did not really deal, and she does not have a lot of personal relationships. She does not let people in. “

Close is one of the hundreds of new movies that will be released on Netflix over the next twelve months, but it’s acquiring already a solid reputation as one of the biggest releases that action fans simply can not miss.You can check out the first trailer and the first post directly from Youtube Netflix streaming.

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