Official El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Trailer: Jesse Pinkman’s Final Showdown

After debuting a second trailer Sunday, at the Emmys ceremony, Netflix and AMC officially unveiled the band – Complete Announcement of El Camino: The Rupture of a Bad Film . After seeing Jesse Pinkman of Aaron Paul hiding in his now infamous vehicle, after listening to live reports of the classic Breaking Bad we now see what it really happened to the man after escaping these white supremacists.

Taking a few moments after the finale of Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul is back in the role of Jesse Pinkman in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie directed by Vince Gilligan on October 11 at Netflix. Jesse is at the center of this third roundup at the highly anticipated return to the world of Breaking Bad . The images are disturbing as Pinkman sneaks into New Mexico, revisiting old haunts and trying to put order in his life.

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Breaking Bad The creator Vince Gilligan returns to write and direct El Camino: a breathtaking film that will continue the story of the finale, following Jesse Pinkman on the run as he is now sought after by the authorities of New Mexico. After his dramatic escape from captivity, Jesse has to face his past to forge a kind of future.

This feature film teases the ghosts of Walter White and Mike Ehrmantraut standing along the shore where Mike's life ended. Jonathan Banks confirmed at the Emmys that he would be back, which means we will attend flashbacks. Bryan Cranston has not officially confirmed his return as Walter White, but as we see in a distant shot, this seems to be the most likely scenario.

The only other recurring characters we see in this movie Trailer for El Camino: A Dread Movie Are Matt Jones as Badger and Charles Baker as Skinny Pete, Then Jesse takes refuge at home, finally cleaning up and getting ready for his final showdown, which is teased in the last moments of this overview. Who knows if we can see more before the film. Vince Gilligan has been quite discreet with the film so far, and it is really him who shows his hand here.

On Monday, we received the first official poster for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Film so it makes sense that the trailer is coming out today . Vince Gilligan has already credited Netflix for helping to feed the thirsty of his show while delivering his speeches at the Emmy. The film will premiere at the cinema on October 11 and will last three nights, until October 13. He will also debut on Netflix on October 11, followed by an AMC premiere later in the year on an unannounced date. Netflix and AMC Youtube have released the trailer this morning. You can also take a look at the first poster.

 Poster Breaking the Bad El Camino ] ]


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