Oreo the Raccoon, Real-Life Guardians Inspiration for Rocket, Passes Away

This is a sad day for fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Oreo the raccoon, the real-life model of Rocket in the franchise Guardians of the Galaxy is deceased. He was nine years old. The announcement was made on the Official Guardians Facebook page this morning. According to the message, Oreo died peacefully after a "short-term illness". No other details were provided, but all those who worked with the raccoon are naturally devastated.

In addition to being the Rocket model, Oreo the raccoon paraded on the red carpet for . the galaxy with director James Gunn. Mr. Oreo Raccoon, as he was called on the set, was a pretty incredible animal with many talents. He was much more than the guy Rocket had stolen from. You can read part of the statement posted on Guardians Facebook below.

"Oreo, you have made the lives of many people happy.You have been an extraordinary ambassador for raccoons everywhere.Animal animals too and have never been phased, whether it's a descent on the red carpet like Rocket Raccoon, an excursion to a hospice to visit a sick child or anything else that would come your way to calm down, when to be inflatable and that we never feared to do the wrong thing because you've never done it.You're perfect. "

The The Guardians of the galaxy team could get Oreo early in his life. Apparently, his trainers were able to find him when he was born because his mother could not produce milk. They chose Oreo in the litter because he was able to drink a bottle before his siblings. Since then, he is a faithful companion and an animal who has brought a lot of love and joy into the lives of others.

James Gunn has published many photos of himself with Mr. Oreo Raccoon during their manufacture. The guardians of the galaxy . It turns out that Oreo was one of the only tamed raccoons near the filming location. Oreo was only two days old when he was adopted and he had a small chance of survival since he needed to be watched and fed as much. The photos show that he could fit in the palm of a human hand when he was born for the first time.

Related: A TV program for Rocket and Groot planned for Disney + Streaming Service? Before appearing in The Guardians of the Galaxy Oreo the raccoon was featured on British television and served as a template for the cover of a book on nature. However, even with his A-list status, Mr. Oreo never let success escape him. Apparently, he was always inclined to "make new friends and teach people to care for exotic animals" after he went to the MCU. Oreo is survived by his sister Anoushka, his niece Podge and his friends Harvey and Biggles. This news was first reported by the Guardians of the Galaxy Facebook page . Rest in peace, Mr. Oreo Raccoon. ] Topics: Guardians of the Galaxy


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