Original Dark Phoenix Ending Concept Art Has Jean Grey Looking Like Captain Marvel

A whole new concept of art from amount of fuel on a fire that is already burning with this movie since before he even went out into the theater. At least, the last entry of X-Men did not exactly meet expectations. There is a lot of criticism to be made. An interesting problem that has been raised many times is that the adaptation of Marvel Comics was forced to make major changes because it looked a lot like Captain Marvel . This art really speaks to that.

The images were shared on Instagram by the conceptual artist Houston Sharp. In their film, Sophie Turner's Jean Gray spreads into space, invaded by flames. Coincidentally, they look a lot like Brie Larson's film Captain Marvel when she flew into space in her own film. As Sharp notes in his caption, the design was changed during the final cut. Here is what he had to say.

"Jean Gray (Sophie Turner) propelling himself into space.This plan for the final sequence was slightly modified in the film released.Other illustrations of Dark Phoenix to come! "

Dark Phoenix directed by longtime producer / writer Simon Kinberg, who had shot for the first time the end of 2017. However, massive shooting was finally ordered, which significantly changed the third act. We later learned that the film originally concerned the Skrulls, the antagonists of Captain Marvel and that the third act also resembled the original, closer, to this film. This conceptual art also reveals the remarkable similarities that existed, at least once, between these two titles.

Before the release of the film, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender had revealed in an interview that the new take was made in order to avoid the similarities between an unnamed superhero movie. Thanks to another interview with Tye Sheridan, it was confirmed that the film was fine Captain Marvel . So why changes? Disney bought most of Fox, owner of the franchise X-Men under a $ 71 billion contract. Although the agreement was not formally concluded until March, it is clear that the changes were made to prevent this film from conflicting with Brie Larson's first solo release in MCU. because it is expected to play a major role in the future.

Bound: Dark Phoenix Could Lose Up To $ 120 Million At The Window

Captain Marvel The month of March has been a huge success and has brought in over a billion dollars worldwide. The Dark Phoenix is a different story. It has largely been criticized by critics, currently boasting a 23% approval rate on rotten tomatoes. To date, his box office receipts have earned him only $ 232 million and are quickly withdrawn from theaters, meaning that his chances of recovering his huge and inflated budget (thanks to the revisions) are getting smaller and smaller. Unfortunately, this is not the start that this version of X-Men probably deserved. But could it have been worse if these films were so similar? Do not forget to check out below the conceptual art of Houston's Sharp Instagram.


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