Oscars Will Go Without a Host for First Time in 30 Years

The Oscars continue to present themselves without a host for the first time in almost three decades. This year's Oscars ceremony had a hard time locking up a host and, by the time it seemed like there was one last month to Kevin Hart, this rug was quickly ripped off under the old words. anti-LGBTQ remarks of the comedian. resurfaced. Hart then left his host position and recently confirmed that he would not return to that position. As such, the ceremony will take place without host.

According to a new report, the producers at the origin of the The Academy Awards are going to gather a group of A-lists that will present awards and will gather for various segments during the show. This, as opposed to the fact that only one host handles most of the tasks during the night. It will only be the second time in history that the Oscars will happen without a host. The last time this happened was in 1989 for the 61st Oscars, widely regarded as the worst in history. You may remember Rob Lowe and Snow White? Yes, it was that one and it was bad. While some people think that going without the host is a risky idea, or even a bad idea, media consultant Brad Adgate has expressed himself about it.

"Why do not you try it?" Things are so polarized anyway, no matter what the presenter says that everything will be analyzed to death.No guest can be an experience and, let's face it -the, the days of Bob Hope and Billy Crystal's accommodations are over. "

Even with the unhosted format, which the Academy of Arts and Sciences of the cinema n & # No commentary yet, they would be "struggling" to lock in the talent needed to mount the series. But at this point, they do not really have other options. No A-Listers seem to want work. Just the other night, Chris Rock retired from the race at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards Dinner.

"You should organize the Oscars, you're the best, Steve Martin should host the Oscars, because I'm not doing it, damn it, you do not understand me."

One of the biggest problems that need to be solved, not just this year, but to move forward, is that hosting the Oscars has become a thankless task. A director considered big enough to attract viewers does not have much to gain, aside from saving a little money after having organized the biggest Hollywood party. On the other hand, if they break down and burn, they have a lot to lose. There is no real reason for anyone like Chris Rock, Tina Fey or any other name that has appeared in the last month to accept the job. Especially with little or no preparation time.

The other problem to consider is that the broadcast of the Oscars has suffered a decline in ratings in recent years. Without a big name that attracts viewers, the situation could worsen in this department this year. For better or for worse, it could become an unforgettable Academy Awards. Oscar nominations are expected to be unveiled on January 22, and the 91st annual Oscar telecommunication will be held on Sunday, February 24. This news was reported for the first time by Variety.


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