Queen & Slim Trailer #3 Confronts the Life-Shattering Price of Violence

Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for Queen & Slim. This is certainly positioned as a possible candidate for the awards season, and previous trailers have helped to understand why. This latest look gives a more complete overview of the story and is incredibly dramatic and tense, but it's just as easy to see, even from two minutes of recording, how that could potentially become a controversial film. At the very least, this will certainly cause a lot of discussion.

This caravan plunges a little further into the incident, which sees the character of Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith , who is making his first feature film here, engaging in a deadly altercation with a police officer. They end up having to run and, as we see, there are a lot of gray areas here. Yes, they shot a cop but were they provoked? Was their life threatened when it happened? Everything is designed to raise questions. Many people are willing to help these two lovers in their journey while they escape the law, resulting in moments of raised eyebrows.

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Armed violence is a particularly hot topic in America these last years. Police violence is an area of ​​particular interest. More specifically, police violence against people of color. Screenwriter / director Melina Matsoukas tackles the subject head on here. It's a sensitive subject that feeds a lively debate. Art and cinema are often important elements of such debates. Without a doubt, even without seeing the film in its entirety, there is no doubt that Queen & Slim will fuel much this debate. It will be extremely interesting to see how this happens once critics have the chance to weigh.

Queen & Slim is centered on a couple who seems to have a first date with oneself. A black man (Daniel Kaluuya) and a black woman (Jodie Turner-Smith) are arrested after the date set for a minor offense. The situation quickly degenerated, resulting in sudden and tragic results when the police officer was killed in self-defense. Both are forced to go on the run. However, everything was captured on a video, which then became viral, and the couple involuntarily acquired a lot of notoriety, which further complicates things.

This film was presented as a kind of Bonnie a modern Clyde, as the two legendary outlaws even get a name-fall in the trailer. The scenario was based on an idea of ​​the author James Frey ( A Million Small Pieces Katerina ). Queen & Slim is scheduled to arrive in theaters on November 27th. Will this become an Oscar nominee upon his arrival? The potential controversy will eventually eclipse the film itself? Or will art rise above the noise? We will know it soon enough. Make sure you watch the new trailer for the Universal Pictures YouTube Channel yourself.


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