Quentin Tarantino Will Write and Direct All 5 Bounty Law TV Episodes

Quentin Tarantino will only make ten films before leaving him, but that does not mean that he will not find other ways to occupy himself. As an example, we learned last year that the filmmaker intended to transform the bogus Western television show Bounty Law from his film Once upon a time in Hollywood in a real thing. Now, Tarantino has offered an update, saying that he intends to direct all of the episodes himself. However, it may take some time before it gets there.

Recently, Once upon a time in Hollywood was nominated for ten Oscars, including that of the best picture. With that, Quentin Tarantino did a little bit of press touring because it will surely lead to the Oscars. In a recent interview, he was asked about the status of Bounty Law and if he intended to do anything with the scripts that he had written. Here's what Tarantino had to say about it.

"Regarding the Bounty Law shows, I want to do this, but it will take me a year and It has an introduction to Once upon a time in Hollywood but I don't really consider it as part of this movie even if it is it. It's not about Rick Dalton playing Jake Cahill. This is Jake Cahill. Where it all comes from, I ended up watching a bunch of Wanted, Dead or Alive, and The Rifleman, and Tales of Wells Fargo, these half hour shows to get the mentality of Bounty Law the kind of show Rick was on.

I liked them before, but I really interested in them. The concept of telling a dramatic story in half an hour. You watch and think, wow, there are a lot of tales going on in 22 minutes. I thought, I wonder if I can them do it? I ended up writing five half-hour episodes. So I will do them, and I will direct them all. "Bill as a movie), was his ninth movie. This means that, assuming that he is good at his word and that there is no reason to think that ; it isn’t, it’s only one more movie to make. One would assume it would get to work before managing Bounty Law but it's hard to say.

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Anyway , it looks like Quentin Tarantino will be writing and directing his first TV series in the future. The big question is, can he get Leonardo DiCaprio to resume his role as Jake Cahill, a character played by the fictional Rick Dalton, as played by Leonardo DiCaprio? This one is a little scary in terms of logistics. You would think that Tarantino should find another actor for the concert, because DiCaprio is not only Lely very busy, but it is not cheap.

However, things end up playing out, Tarantino's idea of ​​making an old man – a half-hour western show seems like a fun concept, especially given the little that we saw from Bounty Law in the film. The other question is: where will the project end? Tarantino has a decent relationship with Netflix, as it cross-checked [H459004] The Hateful Eight as a miniseries for the streaming service last year. So it may seem logical. We will be sure to keep you informed as soon as more details about the project become available. This news reaches us via Deadline.

 Ryan Scott to Movieweb


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