Ragnarok Fan-Edit Gives Thor & Hulk Lightsabers for the Ultimate Fight

A Classic Thor: Ragnarok Videos Using Lightsabers. The universe Star Wars has introduced some iconic characters and ships over the years, but the lightsaber is perhaps one of the most recognizable weapons on the planet. And when Hulk and Thor use them, the situation becomes much heavier than a normal Jedi combat scene. Fortunately, some astute fans of the Marvel film universe with a lot of time have pushed the battle of Thor and Hulk to a new level of madness.

The battle of Sakaar between Thor and Hulk is a favorite moment of Taika fans. Waititi Ragnarok . The scene alone is quite epic as both Avengers try to fight to the death, but seeing the lightsaber printed digitally in the film is a whole new level of pleasure. The famous lightsaber sounds are all featured in the videos as the two heroes try to outdo thousands of people. Star Wars fans have staged their own lightsaber battles over the years, but they are often quite short because of the time it takes to animate them.

It is not known how long it took. These guys added Lightsabers in about five minutes of Ragnarok but imagine that it took a little time and effort to make everything as beautiful as in those two videos. That said, the technology has improved a lot over the years, so it may take a little less time than it did a few years ago.

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The Marvel film universe and the universe Star Wars are preparing for exciting times in the months and years to come. The Rise of Skywalker is released at the end of this year, then of Game of Thrones featured, DB Weiss and David Benioff will begin work on their own trilogy, which would focus on the Knights of the old republic. If that were not enough, the series of actual action scenes The Mandalorian will debut in November this year to officially launch the Disney + streaming service.

Regarding the MCU, phase 4 is on the way, which will include Thor: Love and Thunder . Taika Waititi jumps on board to lead the continuation of Ragnarok who will see him meet with Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. Natalie Portman is also back in the franchise as Jane Foster, but this time it will be the Mighty Thor, which arouses the curiosity of MCU fans. Although we know very little about what's coming next, we know for a fact that there will be no lightsaber battle, although it's a good idea. Whatever the case may be, you can watch the two videos Ragnarok below, illustrating Thor and Hulk fighting Lightsabers, thanks to the ImmersionVFX channel on YouTube.

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