Resident Evil Reboot Lands 47 Meters Down Director

On The Restart Resident Evil found its director. Even though the longstanding franchise, based on the hugely popular Capcom video game series of the same name, has just completed its tour last year with Resident Evil : The Final Chapter, Constantine Films wants As such, they move forward with a reboot and they appealed to Johannes Roberts to direct this new chapter of the franchise, which will go in a different direction.

According to a new report. , Johannes Roberts, who previously directed the film Sharks 47 Meters Down was hired by the studio to write and direct the new film Resident Evil . It looks like they're not going to sit idly by with this one, because we expect the restart to start production from 2019, with the arrival of a new one. new team. Sorry, fans of Milla Jovovich. Roberts also made the recent Strangers sequel : Prey At Night and On the other side of the gate . The horror certainly seems to be in his wheelhouse, whether with sharks or masked slashers. Now he will try the zombies.

It is particularly interesting to note that the report states that Johannes Roberts, who has participated in several major studio concerts since 47 Meters Down has had the wind in his sails, also writes the film. Recently, screenwriter Greg Russo revealed that he had handed over his restart script project to the studio, which would focus more on the horror and use the seventh game in the main series, Biohazard, as a reference. It looks like Roberts will take a different approach. At the very least, he's going to rework what Russo has done before.

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The six previous live-action The films Resident Evil started in 2002 and , for about fifteen years, have been a staple for moviegoers. The franchise generated an overall combined profit of $ 1.2 billion, despite the fact that critics have largely rejected the majority of entries, which were mostly barred by Paul WS Anderson This figure makes it the most film franchise successful based on a video game, so it is understandable that the studio already wants to get a reboot. Anderson has since joined Milla Jovovich to adapt the video game Monster Hunter to the big screen, thus giving way to Johannes Roberts to try his luck.

In addition, The Conjuring and The director of Aquaman James Wan was asked to produce the restart, which helps to give him some credibility , given its excellent track record. Johannes Roberts is currently working on 47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter, which is expected to arrive in theaters next year. Once that is done, it seems that he is going to Raccoon City to fight the T-Virus and the horrors that it produces. The restart of Resident Evil does not have a release date yet. We will keep you informed as soon as further details on the project become available. This information has been reported for the first time by Variety.


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