Rise of the Resistance First Look Video Goes Inside New Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Ride

The rise of the resistance will take visitors into a new immersive world. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is currently open to Disney's Disney and Florida theme parks. However, they are both about to get a major upgrade with the Rise of the Resistance tour, which was to open when new additions to theme parks were launched.

Star Wars fans will be able to join the band Resistance at Galacty & # 39; s Edge .Disneyland visitors are already able to fly the Millennium Falcon, but with Rise of the Resistance, the situation is about to become more thorough.Visitors will board an "ITS ship to get to the hangar of a featured destroyer and enter a breathtaking new world. "Fans will meet Rey, Poe and Finn, as well as Kylo Ren and the first menacing order.

A video footage taken from inside Rise of the Resistance shows that fans from Star Wars s are going to meet Stormtroopers of the First Order before leaving for the adventure of a lifetime. Regarding the mechanics of the course, Disneyland Imagineers "used several course systems to create a simulator experience". The new ride will look nothing like what anyone has ever experienced and the expectation will be great to its luck if it opens later this year in Orlando and early next year in Anaheim.

All the purpose of Galaxy's Edge offers an immersive experience to the fans of Star Wars . Until now, even without Rise of the Resistance, the new district of the amusement park has been able to do it with the Smuggler's attraction Run and various shops and restaurants offering a new experience. Although the number of participants was not as high as initially expected, this should change when Rise of the Resistance begins. The new carousel will be launched December 5 in Orlando, then January 17, 2020 in Anaheim, which should give a boost to fans of Star Wars who wish to experience the ride.

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Galaxy's Edge bid Star Wars offers a new way to discover the franchise. The goal is immersion and it seems that the Disney Imagineers have done a great job in this direction. The extra work done on Rise of the Resistance has paid off: a whole new way to discover what a Disneyland or Disney World tour can offer. Fans who have been waiting for a long time might want to make a quick jump on the rest of Galaxy's Edge before Rise of the Resistance opens because the crowds will come in droves when it opens official. You can watch Rise of the Resistance video footage through Good Morning America's Twitter account.


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