Rise of the Resistance Sneak Peek Reveals Disney’s New Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Ride

Disney has finally lifted the veil on the next round of Rise of the Resistance. According to Disney, this experience is one of the "most ambitious, advanced and immersive experiences ever" by their team, which may seem crazy from the start. The Attraction Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is also one of the largest ever created by Disney. Its impressive auditorium is a world of its own, home to two large AT-AT walkers and a Star Destroyer bay, with a TIE fighter and a Stormtroopers garrison, plus more thrills and surprises. Disney had this to say about Rise of the Resistance.

"When it opens its doors, this terrible adventure will erase the boundaries between fantasy and reality and place you in the heart of a decisive battle between the First Order and the Resistance: you will join the Resistance and leave Batuu in a transport boat to meet General Leia Organa at a secret rendezvous point.However, en route, you will be captured by a first-class star destroyer.Try to escape the clutches of Kylo Ren and of the First Order – with the help of some heroes of the Resistance. "

This new Star Wars ride presents BB-8 and a 3D hologram of Rey (Daisy Ridley) they approach the visitors with a mission. After that, visitors will have to board the troop ship and embark on the mission. According to early reactions, customers would have many missions to experiment with, which constitutes another valuable selling point when visiting Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge later on if you have already visited one before.

The fans were not happy to learn that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge was going to unveil Rise of the Resistance only later. The trip is only open December 5 in Orlando and January 17 at Disneyland Anaheim. That said, it seems that the longer wait will be worth it. According to some lucky members of the press who have experimented with the carousel, this would put you in a film Star Wars that sounds good.

If that was not enough to excite you. for the rise of the resistance, he was also hailed as "revolutionary" and "historical". It looks like the next trip will keep the promise made initially by Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Some of the reactions to the new Anaheim Park area have been somewhat muted and assistance has not been what we expected.

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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens later this week at Orlando Park, so it will be interesting to see how many people are going to this visit. If you are taking the plane to make the pilgrimage, be sure not to take one of the Coke thermal detonator bottles on your return flight. TSA has recently banned them and will not allow them. That said, you are welcome with a custom lightsaber. You can watch the teaser video of the Rise of Resistance below, thanks to the Disney Parks YouTube channel.

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