Rob Zombie Wants to Turn House of 1000 Corpses Into a Broadway Musical

Rob Zombie on Broadway? Even the rocker and the director know that sounds crazy, but it's at least one thing with which he has at least played in his head over the years. Specifically, Zombie thinks that his directorial debut House Of 1000 Corpses would work well as a Broadway musical. Does that mean that someone is crazy enough to get there? Not necessarily, but strange things have happened already, even without doubt, with regard to this film in particular.

This was evoked when Rob Zombie was recently invited to Larry King's talk show. While he was answering questions from social media fans, someone asked if he wanted to do something with his life that he had not yet had the chance to do. Surprisingly, Zombie took the opportunity to reveal that he had at least thought about House of 1000 Corpses as a musical. Here is what he had to say about it.

"As crazy as it may seem, I have the feeling that my first film House, of 1000 bodies, which is a little campy in a strange way, is why, at the time, I do not think it would be a good Broadway musical, because that's a lot, when you go to Broadway, it's now like Spider-Man, it's the Addams family, it's Spamalot, you know "I think it's ridiculous."

Nobody says that the crowd of Spamalot will queue around the block to see the house of 1000 corpses : The musical, but the man can have a point. Not only that, but before becoming a director, Rob Zombie established himself as a very successful musician in White Zombie, then with his solo career, which still continues. So, why not combine the two courses with a show? He also showed that he possessed a real talent for the performing arts and staging, not with his own concerts, which are rather theatrical, but also with the showcase that he directed for Tom Dad, which shows that he can do a lot with just one guy on stage telling jokes.

The house of 1000 corpses had a long and difficult way to go to release him. It was shot for the first time in 2000 for Universal, who then set it aside for reasons related to its graphic and violent nature. Finally, Rob Zombie purchased the rights to his film from the studio and it was later distributed by Lionsgate in 2003, almost three years after its completion. The film meets success and leads to a sequel, Demons of the Devil in 2005, with a third installment, Three Three Hell expected to arrive later this year.

Spouse: Rob Zombie begins to turn the devil's rejects 2 this spring?

There is already a lot of hype in the horror community for Three From Hell in turn, reviving interest in the home 1,000 corpses . That's not to say that Rob Zombie will actually try to make this happen, or that there is enough audience for such a thing to justify his existence, but he is fascinating to think that it's something he's even contemplated. Be sure to watch the excerpt from the Larry King YouTube channel below.


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