Rob Zombie’s 3 from Hell Is Rated R for Sex, Drugs & Sadistic Violence

Later this year, The Lords of Salem and 31 Writer-Director Rob Zombie will unleash a whole new story of terror on the masses in the form of his new film of the Firefly family 3 of Hell with Sid Haig in the role of Captain Spaulding, Bill Moseley in the role of Otis B Driftwood and Sheri Moon Zombie in the role of firefly "baby" Vera-Ellen. The film promises to be a bloody and brutal movie moment and we have confirmation today that Zombie will not let us down in his old age since Three From Hell was officially slapped with a R-ranking by the MPAA for "strong sadistic violence, persistent language, sexual content, pictorial nudity and drug use."

Sacred hell, is not it? I think this note should not surprise anyone because it is Rob Zombie we are talking about here and the man really loves his ultraviolence. But still, that's – without pun intended – a hell of a note. Drug use and "persistent language" are to be expected from this follow-up of House of 1000 Corpses and The Rejects Rejects but from sadistic violence? I mean, we all knew that the movie was going to be violent, but sadistic? Well, actually, now that I'm saying it out loud, it also makes sense. It does not matter. Moving forward.

But what about the film about sexual content and graphic nudity? This is what really catches the attention of this horror fan. And not for the reasons you might suspect. The remake of John Carpenter Halloween and Halloween II included what you might call sexual content and graphic nudity, but both House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects tended to stay out of these things. Of course, Sid Haig's Captain Spaulding has received some of Ginger Lynn's along the dream highway, but most of the time, these movies do not slow down enough for the sex scenes. It all seems to be changing this time around the Firefly family campfire. Interesting …

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3 From Hell will be both written and directed by Rob Zombie, who will also take on this role with Mike Elliott. David Daniels is the film's director of photography, and Glenn Garland was commissioned to put him together. In addition to the aforementioned return of Haig as Spaulding, Moseley as Otis and Sheri Moon Zombie as Baby, Rob Zombie Three From Hell will also be portrayed by Danny Trejo as Rondo, Dee Wallace in Greta, Daniel Roebuck as Morris Green and Jeff Daniel Phillips as Prefect Virgil Dallas Harper. They will be joined by Richard Brake in the murder and chaos, in the role of Winslow Foxworth Coltrane, in Pancho Moler as Sebastian, by Bill Oberst Jr. as Tony Commando and Clint Howard as M Baggy Britches. Wade Williams, Austin Stoker, Emilio Rivera, David Ury and Tom Papa are also in the game.

Zombie said that this new American nightmare was going to shoot down screens near you in September, but this release date was not confirmed at this time. We will let you know when we hear more specifically. In the meantime, this update to the MPAA rating comes to us via the MPAA itself.


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